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D SQD7 052MS7M Q 

California State Library 




Soltl bv all Booksellers. A Summary of Events from the *©th of Octolwr to rhe 5tli of November, 1850. Price, 01-4 CeoU 

fy> Mr, J** B»« 

Juif H to •nyfS'1 tk< f 'n 
to Uki ikt rttf.J' 

isvafeA In* «*" **' D' 

Jrtal'tt of Iff 

OH */>/>/i-**f(« 

if i/nitr 1 

Hi ««J Public Ojiees, and 
■■< been supplied 
■ ■■■, 'I.. it.r" 
■ (ff. at ' reyartto usthc 
. the public 
■/ an enterprising 
»wr*r. nd,».v\< i. rd 'A. i I ./fiy u-i/.TlAfrt>«»«frr; 

&h< #• Ac %*m j*?w».-<if<>f, «»•' **s expressed hi- mnfclgmtd regret, 
in ttrtn*ot'd"p conlritiru. A. A. s tmrfree p.ird„n J-rthis, hi* first 
ofene<\ and dV pnmlM e/r/<, MCMfmi of km* uamt (o A/i cwa/oro- 
tr*. should h* rt^at U, ,..„-* i ,.« 

Nerckn*'* and vtnert, de*ir->ui of hnrint? Qiput nftke N< SWS 
hciWT'lj'lat tAfir ror*$,m-ill ptoifcaddmr Iktino-dtnto .\<r 104 
Jt|f»e><"»f rn*T. , , _ , _ 

ry 0«r Dwiw* OJL* is «f Jfwrt. "'. B. Cook 4; Cb » Itf* 

C"p"* fl rty adrertiscmtntsan unaroidaldy omitttd. — BTl OH 
oa/» insert thus* *!>•> pay cosh t* cJtamrt for their insertion. 

Cff* 7"*f "N- Wi LeOOT" is fonrardtd to all the principal 
Bamfi'HflhKUiaTtd AtwsjMjxrs Hi the Eastern Stats% London, 
and Paris. ,. ._ , , 

£Jf* Ezttllfit* original local statistic*, TthabU fuel*, event* oj 
gena-il interest, wtl authenticated. Kilt be received at the 9i 
the publishers, J- II. STILL Sc CO., Ufa 88 Kearny street, or. at 
Xo. KM Merchant street 

_Ty Xo notice can be taken of anonymous Oommwnteationi, 
rfSiur it intended for insertion, must be authenticated by the 
Xamc and Address of the writer; not no sjsMicafie*, 

but at aguanintce of his or her good faith. 

ry It vill gratify our Adrertis'tng friends to knote that one of 
QUrfm Room takes, ever* Mail Daw. FOE HUNDUKnCOPlIB oj 
oar "News Loiter," andforvardxthemtoXtv York, Paxama^nd 
Han Juan, to be placed in the hands of the Sicarmr pet 
preceding tv our city, so that panic* arriving here may be cor- 
rectly i*o$ted as to our philosophy of Streets, Stores, and the teest 
facts and statistics of what nx arc doing in San Francisco. 


The steamers Golden Aire and Sierra Sttada, last mall dayi 
took from us alevoo bmidrvd passesgDn and ^2,035,000 of Uoiu 
and Diint— a smaller ainoimt of Treasure than usual, but tiie 
total of t.:i-.--ut;«'rB were En oxocsa, the teaa wcaliby being 
tempted by a ^fcat reduciion of fare. The steerage rate 
was flfiv tl.dUrs— and in aomccaawo leaser Bum— being all 
that was aaked to carry iliom to Now York. Fax hoyoud 
iu valur, b"«-ever. to the treaaoreaoforo c bleb |<aasalfrom oar 
shore*, was an uuusual number of the fair sex, who, in spite 
of our cotrentlea and regrets, appeared determlneil to join 
ib»' "eld fotfci at boiu«\" and have .1 rtieo off the turkey's 

breast at the next Xtnos dinner. Let us not omit to note 

aa extraordinary Instance o( ^teamslilp dcapatch in the prover- 
bial alacrity of the a^cnt of the Sierra tfovada, Mr. W. K. * I;ir- 
ris'in, who, within niu-eu mlnntca after bcr arrival. tin> 
19tbult,c 'inraenced thoroughly cleaning, provlsioninpondcoal- 
Lirg'.aud she quitted this port on thaS0th,juU one hmir and a 
half after tlic Panama b>iat, and carrying off Bvc bandrnd and 
tiny passengers, with a goodly share ol treasure, and "thi-r 

freight Two persons, named Chester and Spragno, took 

an office, at theeOTttorof Washington and Montpouiery streets, 
iu September last, representing themaelves to l»c the 'iiialltitil 
Agents <d the the " United Sates A9*ttmnrt Offi>-e % a in Ni'w 
York. Their office was, however, fouud to be vacated, Imme- 
diately after, the Balling of the last hteamer, and it is (apposed 
that they both took their departure by that npportonlty. We 
were, oitraclvea, present on Satunlay last, at a meeting held by 

the holders of the bogus policiea, issued by these [ uto, where 

we saw a li«t of Bftydour persons, who bad paid, iu the aggre- 
gate some Cl.luQpremimu. Jt was elicited in the course of the 
enquiry, that Ibey had paid n Broker in this city, fijrlit per 
rent, on tli- business he did for ihom— and that flie descrip- 
tion ot ri^Mt.-s tak^n, were of such a character, while the pre- 
miumspnui were so small, that no one conta\ hy anj possibility, 
estimate the our aa. at all tohly comuxensarnte » "ii the other. 
It, was stated that the power of attorney under which these 
people were acting, was without verification, and lliat ou their 
presenting It for record, they were told distinctly by the Clerk 
of the Keeoitds, that " it was of no more worth than the paper 

on jWhieh it was written." A single kernel of barley, 

growiugupmi tlu- Yuba, this season, has produced sixty six 

sinlks. yi-.-lilioK within a fraction of 3,000 grains.— Mr. 

Wheeler, of Iho "Excelsior Nursery," has several Bourisbidg 
rig trees, grown from cuttings act out last March, and ihcy arc 

lad.Miuith fruit. One share in the United MiuiuffComjiaiiy 

at Foiv-t City, sold but week for $7,000. Brigham 

Vouug, the bead Saint at Salt Lake, has now over fifty wives. 

The stages runnunr from Sacramento to PlncerviUn hayc 

lately made the distance, sixty miles, in six hours. A mi» 

ner» cabin, above Orovillo, was robbed lately of two buckskin 
purses, each containing sixty-four ounces of gold (Just, besides 

$2,000 iu C.ill. Tho Trinity Journal says that ^.WW.OOO. 

in gold dust, have been taken outdn that county during the last 
year, l.y about 2,b"0O miners ; making an average of nearly 

^l.Odtt to the mau. A potato weighing eight pounds— Was 

raised it U said, in Shasta. The Sifters of Noire Dame aro 

erecting a fine building for a Beminary, in Marysville, and sro 

lit search of a site for another in Sacramento. A borax 

spring of great value has been discovered in .Shasta county. 
■ - ''Alsop & Co., of California street, offer for sale, quicksil- 
ver,. in flasks, from the new mines of Guadalupe, near San 

Jose.— Mr. T. W. Davidson, who went East, last steamer, 

two years ago was $G,000 in debt — but, as a miner, persevered 
on his claim, and has left -one at Monte Cristo worth €50,000. 

At the election to be held on the fourth of this month, 

there will be proposed an important change in the Constitution 
of the State, submitted to the vote of the electors. At the 
Session of the Legislature of 1S55, tho amendment was referred 

le the LogWatureof 183d it now requires only iho «. weeks cmlinftSept, 6, • ■ r paying 

of the pcopln to become a part of il rganle law of the State, ill cipcnics for same time, left the net I luniol 18,740. This 

nid provide fora material change In II ilonoi mister tamps, and reduces about eight 

lion, which prescribes the mode by which the etttirt Ommtiiaion ' four hour*— tin- pou . r used Is wafer 1 ; 

itself nuyOe revised Somef»XKO>PI i>n an t J rasa Valley, In i 

. nr fruli -t-Ti's-.ii five dohan each. Onr Super, lows:— The Mount U I powerful pump, ■ 

innot legally make an) approprintunu foi the pun Oj the Albion Romeh po 

■ i si the next election. Tbccltl *tampib^000 to fttt.OOO; It'ooduyrth a>0a, pumj - 
Kcna must rahv iho fundi bj lubscriiitlon, 

t me of <mr iiji 
country pnp<T* remarks tbe wrathor is deltgbtfUU-4he theatre 
Is crowded nightly, and universal cheerfulness reigns with a 

dttteau vili ' 1 Lilian and Chinese beggars Infest our city. 

Women with babios— Utile glrUi and boy a are numbered 

amongstthe offcnderi, A magnloceol sDspcnslon<bridge 

oxteuds over the Stanislaus river, affording admirable I i 
near Knight's Ferry, for travellers from ihe upper portion ofthe 
country to Stooktoa The bridge Is E48 feel in length, M reel 
in width, nii'l forty f«'ft in height j Space of arch'131 feet Cost, 

ISS^oOO. About one hundred tons of granite, from Qraulte 

Town, have arrived here lately, Intended tor the works at Port 
point, and Improvements at" the foot of Valb'j" fctroel — the 
Sacramento ltailmad affoniing in thofransportaUoD of material 
an Immense facility. Tho new Minstrels' Hall, on Wash- 
ington street, will bo 137 foot deep, 5."> feet wide, and 50 feci 
high, There will be a dross circle and parnuettc, and an upper 

tier of boxoa or galleries, Mr, W. A. wwte,ofMaiysvflle, 

having made the acquaintance of a stranger In that place, re- 
cently, who had Invited him to drink a number of limes, after 

which he decoyed Mm into the suburbs <>f the town, and (here 
attempted to take bis lite, by shooting him with a pistol. The 
ball struck him iu the neck, Inflicting a severe but not fatal 

(round Married, at Victoria, Vancouver's Island, Sept 3<>, 

by tho Kev. E. Cridge, William Henry, son of Win. Newton, 
Esq , t" Ennliue Jean, daughter of Hon. John Tod, late Of Iho 

Hudson Bay Co. Our Hoard of Supervisors cannot find 

under the Consolidation Act, any power to pay for filling tho 
Bro cisterns — 51,500 is owing Captain Cowing; be cannot get 
one cent, and has uo hope until the next Session of the Legisla- 
ture. Mr. Huwes, when he devised the bill, by some accident 

omitted this very useful feature, Mr. Kent is the undis- 

pntcd Uoroncr.Mr. Labait having Abandoned further proceed- 
ings in the Supreme Court. Keunovnn, the American pe- 

destrian, has completed his great but fruitless feat of walking 

one hundred and Six Consecutive hours, Without sleep or rest, 

manifesting at the conclusion no very extraordinary indications 

of distrets or fatigue, The young lady who advertised ft>r 

abusbaudin onr last, has hooked a chap with $20,0oo. Not 
only so, but trArn found, she made a note of him in the Alia Cali- 
fbrnia of 21st ulto. Nothing like advertising! Beet-rout 

I y, pomp, with nine 
lamps] $15,000, 77., Scbatopot, iteam pump, wltb I 

.-■ i -. > mm a gentleman, a resident of Bodega, a toft n 

forty or flfiv miles up the coast, ihe population of which a 
to m>m hundreds, assured ns tbal la ibe course of bis re 
ofsomoravi eai In that place, ho had not heard of ■ 

than me death, and that was. oFauJ»Kf/fla srhowas / 
i • uiv remark that it exceeds the ateragt ealculatl. 
imortallty, as ebowu by any statisilt overseen 

in any part of" the glohe Watnrlgbl & RantUU, the well 

known aucttoneera,aoW, a row days ilnce, ten pharos of our 

San Francisco Can Company, at eighty-five cents, dtl »ri> tli s 

stock Is well worth par, a* msy bo Judged ol bj the following 
The cash costsof i to- works, pines, dtc ,ofthls Company, I 

i, ihe capital stork of the Company, 51,000,000; Urn ili- 
. It ltd i arc regidarly one per cnt p« month ; the works, or 
cardial stock, aa erected, will supply 72,000,000 n| cable feet, 
per annum, and capable of extension, occupying the whole 
of a block; the consumption of gas Is, Including the city 
lamps. 28,000,000 feet perannum, with fifteen miles of pipe laid, 
and 350 public lamps supplied. The debt due by the'Cfty 10 the 
Company, exceeds S80.000, and a< ihoComfany can produce 
four times the amount of gas, without the additional outlay of 

one cent, 00 concern cau offer a better or safer Investment 

In our hist Lf.ttkk wo mentioned the fat t, that on the 
Page, Bacon & Cb.,w. Henry M. Kaglee, ihe Superior Court 
found that the defendant had acted in violation of In* met, as 
Iteceincr. Our attention has .since been called to tho card of 
Mr- Henry Noglce, and the haters of Messrs. F. billing* and V\ 
A. Kabens, publinhed on the 27ih Sept last, in it e Qlobe, all 
tending to justify the conduct of H Kngtoo. in his c mnectlnn 
with the affairs of Page, Bacon & Co, which wo si ould glailly 
give our readers in atenso, did our ppace admit, but tvi; can 
only afford room to refer all interested to the page-, of thai jour- 
nal. Graphite, or black lead, of extreme purity, has been 

recently discovered in California, It ocecnrs In a qunrtojo 
and felspar rock, disseminated In masses oferystnline andla< 

melhtr form, and Is flexile Urgent appeals are mode to 

capital in in, from various rich mining districts, to induce them to 
Invest in ditch and fuming operations, to supply the miner* "Hh 
water, and to explore the beds of streams The latter plan "f 
iniug has, during the recent extremely dry season, in some 

sugar is alwut being introduced here, by the organization of a instances, paid splendidly. The time Is approarhlng, when Ihe 
company with a, targe capital, for the culture nf beet-root, tbo main trunks of the rivers of California, will be divided and sub 

manufacture of sugar, and the distilling of alcohol. The sugar divided, as are now their nnuroes— autl when the subterranean 
at four or five cents per pound, and (he alcohol at forty cents , u Iters will be made to flow nn tin surface. 10 increase the mill 
per gallon. Uuder favorable circumstance, an aero of land j ers* golden harvest The sum estimated to bo derivcit from the 
should yield twenty tons of bcelfl. For cattle feeding alone, sole of water in Mariposa county alone, for mining purpose.-, is 

beet-root growing will pay well here. A Chinese dramatic little short of SIO.lH ti.uo perannum Tunm I mining is, in 

troupe of about thirty actors, musicians, etc., have been per- some porta, already successful, especially at Montf Crista, in 

forming at San Andreas, Calaveras county. Their manager 
states that lh>: play fhey were ciicugl d on would occupy three 

weeks of sternly performance in its rendition Mr B3 rue. 

in his report 00 City ami County Finances says, "during ihe 
year ending June30, '.'Hi. we had n reform govemmeni (0 which 
expended u-arly a million m,.rr •■i tin- peoples' money, tbau the 
government which preceded it, and nearly l>ro millions more 

than the government by which it was snucecd'ed '. 1 1 — tJur ac- 
tual soi ing by the Consolida i >u Act Is -f I, -117, 41'.;' " ^tiitc 

an exciting newspaper warfare has been waged for the las) ten 
tlaj s, in regard to iho two rival queens of the drama, Mrs, Julia 
Dean Hayue, and Miss Mary l'rovnst. Th*"y arc both unequal- 
led in their profession. We admire theui both, particularly 

Bliss Provost, Active nu-asures aro about being adoptod 

by our citizens to ensure a free, fair, and candid expression of 

public opinion at the ensuing election. It is umhi-t 1 

that transparent ballot-boxes wilt be used generally throughout 
the stale, at the election on the fourth Inst., Instead of the old- 
fashioned Wooden one*. A delightful and numerous gather- 
ing of nearly one hundred persons, of the " beauty and chival- 
rv'of San Francisco, took place on the 35th nil., nt tho resilience 
of Daniel Gibb, Esq , one of our oldest and most opulent 

rra e.mnty, the most elei ftteil iniumi: vitliage In the Korth 
cni Mines. Hi-re. the lucky miners h«ie worked one, two, and 
even three years, to reach the rich dirt ; and several of thorn, 
who had to beg credit lor a saek of Hour, three years ago, are 

now worth from ten to fifty ihonnnnd dollars Messrs 

Dickson & Hill have just tlnuhed a new machine fortbcmami 
factum of sheet iron mining pans, without seams, and porf Clly 

sulid The machine is made on the die and lever principle 

and ha* a stamping power of nearly a ton. A patent is applied 

pvr, At Springfield, recently, the lower jaw In. ne of ROine 

monster was taken out ofthe ground, n fen feet below the sur- 
face, by some miners. The bone weighed over eighty pounds, 
u as seven inchc: in thlCkdCSft, and nbOUt three fei-el in length. 

There were several teeth In it, iii a state 1 f good preservation. 

In Los Angeles county, they Intend, hereafter, to pay 

more attention to the making of wine, than to to the shipment 

of grapes to this market. The Chinese, at the Stanislaus, 

above Knight's Perry, are divided into two factions, the Can- 
tons and Hong Kong$. Some twelve hum in d collected 'aloly 

to tight, but battle and bloodshed were prevented by (bo Inter- 
ference of tbo whites California manna is produced on 

the leaves of certain Oak trees, on the "banks of the Saera. 

chants, on the celebration of the'Christenlng of his infant son j roentOj the nodules are blown off by strong winds, and colli Clcd 

and heir. The Coivmony took place at Christ's Cliurcb, and ■ under the trees by the Indians. The Voite of Israel,* 

was performed by tho Bight Eov. Bishop Kipp, and concluded ; Jewish paper published in. San Francisco, fays there are bc- 

by atl entertainment never nurpasscil, from Bin-ring Strait 
to those of Magalhacn's whether in tasteful splendor, or 
graceful hospitality. Our little brochure will not permit us to 
dwell upon the glories of Mechlin or Hmiiton lace, which so 
richly enfolded the limits ofthe lovely babe, or even more than 
allude to the kind attentions of the worthy host and hostess 
dispensed individually to each guest. We noticed on the supper 
table a huge cake, on the surface of which was represented, iu 
artistic design, the lovely matron in the act of presenting tlie 
infant to the Bishop at the foun.t — this was universally admired 

en thirty and forty thousand Hebrews III this Mate. They 

are generally industrious, frugal, anil very prosperous 

Much attention was being paid in the Sandwich Islands, to 
agricultural nffairp, and the Improvement of stock, as \m 11 asto 
the planting of nurseries, and the Introduction ofthe boncy*bee, 

Insccttverous birds, Ac. Capt. E. S. TlngUbaugh, bmugl t 

up tho Orizaba, on the 30th ult., with five hundred and forty 
passengers, from San Juan DcLSur, in 11 days. She made the 
passage from New York to San, Juan del Bur In fifty days, be- 
ing the shortest passage around the Horn to that port over 

lit conclusion, we' can only add. thai if the embryolic heir I made. The Orizaba 1% a splendid steamer, ami the Captain a 

bbould inherit the many virtues of his parents. Young America \ gentleman The following is tlio position of stocks • — 

will considerably extend the credit and social Influence of Old . California 7s, civil fund, 73S74 ; California 7s. war bonds, prior 

Ellghtlld Hope Valley Copper Mines, situated near Car- j (.. December, 165:1. par; do., do., do., 1854 and '">.">, 70@73; 

sou Valley, in Kldoiada county, are proving to be exceedingly school land warrants, SI'S 1 1 25 per acre; city 10 ■$> cent, bonds, 
rich and oxtenshe. The copper ore contains a large per cen- due in 1871, par ami Interest : city 10s, tire uondtt, none iu 
lago of gold and silver. These mines have been, however, ket ; city 6s, bonds 57'&56 ; rejected scrip, 25®30; county scrip, 

opened, and partially worked, for four years past. River 354340 ; Sacramento citv 10 $> cent. bond-. 7'-' \ 'a "i-j ; dw, c uniy 

rlsb in all the rivers of California, upon the banks of which j 10 ty cent, bonds, 80S85. Flour is very dull at $tf Ti *.» 50. 

mining operations arc conducted, are fast becoming scarce, and | Nothing doing iu -real estate or money The Uuilctin 

inferior in quality, the cause arising evidently fenn the waters is declining In circulation. Sam Brannan is a candidate tor 

being surcharged with sediment Quartz mining through- state Senator. He says, In au admirable address, '•$JW0,00H is 

out tho State- was never more prosperous than at present, and ; enough for the State Government, and that the annual Slate, 
even novcr increasing faster. It will soon become the leading City and County taxation should not exceed in the .'- 
branch of California industry. For the information of parties one per cent. Cash should be collected aud paicl.and no warrants 

at a distance, we will instance, and enumerate, as follows : — At | or-drafts issued, unless the money is in tho Treasury." 

tbo Paciflc Company's Mill, Piacurville, thu gross proceeds for i Accept of our usual adios ! 



v Pure Los Angeles Wine from llic Vineyard 
of John Fronting & Chas. Kohlcr.— The UO- 
flcraigned have now on hand the following dif- 
ferent kinds of Native Wines, guaranteed to 
bo. the. Pure- Juice of the Grape: California 
Port, California Angelica, California White 
Wine, California Red Wine. Sold at $1 Ou to 
S3 per gallon. Tor the convenience of pas- 
sengers per steamers, cases of (I anil 12 bottles 
will he supplied as samples for our friend* In 
tboEast Urdersfrom the Interior promptly 
attendedto C1IA8. KOHLt-.R. 

l-if |1(K Merchant M., near City Hal 

Cross.)— H. A. Coldi, sole Agent for Cali- 
fornia for Messrs. De st Maret-aux & Co , of 
Kclms, for the sale of the above favorite brand, 
ha> just roceived, ex " Est* lie et Reine," 2UU 
Basketa A constant supply will hereafter be 
kepi on hand, and invoices received per each 
arrival from France. 1-tf 

/Catalogues of the folsom 

v Estate, to be sold about the 10ih of Novem- 
her, containing :i full description of the Prop- 
erty, arc now ready for distribution. Apply to 
ltd SELOVER, &1KTOK A Co., 

Real Estate Auctioneers, OS Merchant st 

■**■ between Montgomery and Sansomo, buy 
and sell Exchange, Gold Dnst, and Bullion. 
Draw on: Duncan, Sherman A Co., New 
Vork ; Baring Brothers & Co., London, and 
nil the principal cilies. They will also make 
advances on Flour and California Products 

consigned to their friends iu New York. 1-tf 

-*- ranfe Compa iv, of London — Established 
in '8U8.~Capilal, 88,000,000.— The undersigned, 
having received permission to issue Policies 
insuring detached frame buildings and their 
furniture, are now prepared to receive applica- 
tions for the same. Brick Buildings «nd Mer- 
chandise- stored in them, or Merchandise stored 
afloat, insured against tire on the most moder- 
ate terms Also, Life Insurance- fur a period of 
years or the whole term of life. 

FALKNER, BELL & Co., Agents, 
1-tf 128 California street. 

-*- ranee Company of Ln erpool nod London — 
Capital, S10.0ori.00t>.— The undersigned, agent- 1 ' 
in California for the above named Company, 
arc prepared lq issue Policies insuring Brick 
Buildings, or Mcrehundisc stored therein. 
Household Furniture, etc., and are authorized 
to settle all losses here. The Company will 
ever distinguish itself "by "pr-mptncea iii th<- 
£<•'•:, <nunt of claim." Parties desirous to effect 
Insurance, will he fumfshcd with all accessary 
Information by 

M< K1NLAY, GARRmni & Co.. 

1-tf California si . conn r of LcidcsdorfT. 

J npon Salomon Heine, I"-.! For sale El 
unstosnit, by H M. s< hwade&CO., 
1-tf lit? Sansomc street 


• 1J drawn on Dennislown Bros. &. Co., Mel- 
bourne, and G. A. Lloyd & Co , Sydney. N. .S. 
W. For sale by DANIEL GIBB, &. CO., 
1-tf Corner of Front and Vallcjo sts. 

-* J pool, Glasgow, ■ and Valparaiso. For 6ale, 
io sums "> suit, by DAN'L GIBB &, CO., 
1-tf Corner of Front and Vallcjo sts. 

*-' Glasgow, payable iu London if requircl 
For sale by CROSS & CO , 
1-tf Battery street 

*■* RALSTON, Bankers, corner of Washing- 
ton and Battery streets. Sight Exchange on 
Eastern State*. 1-tf 


*^ Bankers, corner of Battery and CJa_ 
Sight Exchange on Eastern States. I-tf 


NY. — EatabHsbcd in 1836.— Incorporated 
by Act of Parliament— Capital. 4U,95»,7<S0.— 
Head Offices: Loudon, Aberdeen, Belfast, Ed- 
inburgh, Glasgow, Dublin. The sale of Pre- 
miums hi -the Fire Department, for the year 
'ending January 31, 185G, amounted to £77,850 
193 91, which, after payment of ah losses and 
expenses, and provisions for all outstanding 
claims, left to the credit of profit and loss a net 
balance of .£13,298 13*. 3d This company 
only commenced Its useful Influence in San 
Francisco in August, 1855, and the result of its 
operations arc the best evidences of the esti- 
mation <t ia heir) in by the community. 
l-tf C >rner California and Battery sis. 


^ street, for Hats. 


■*■ street, for Carpets 


* * Blank Depot. Montgomery Block. 
Branch Office for the "California News 
Letter." i if 


lJ er of Deeds for all the Slates, etc. Office 
at the Law Office of Williams, Shaffer ffi 
Park, San Francisco 1-tf 


*■ to (his community, as U shows the compar- 
ative increase of business, and also of confi- 
dence in the Insurance offices operating hero. 
Duties paid Government for Stamps in tlie 
following offices in the years Incrrasc 

18SL 1S55L per cent. 

Royal £lfi,134 .£25.037.. ..55 

Liverp'l and London 15,081.. 91,(157 45 

Imperial 47,186... 47,951.... 1 X\ 

Monarch 11.755... 12,966 10 

Northern 6.031 ... 10,080 05 

And in Farming Stock, oa which no stamps 
are required. In 1855, the Premiums received 
were: Royal, £216\*2j?9; Liverpool and Lon- 
don, £250.131; Imperial £S94,7G2; Monarch, 
£70,322, Northern, £740.199. 

Agents Northern Assurance Co., 
1-lt California st, San Francisco. 


-*•" ny's Line to San Juan dul Sur. connecting 
with the splendid new steamship TEXAS, for 
New Vork. — 700 miles shorter -than any other 
noutc !— Through ahead of the Mails!— Only 
12 miles Land Carriage — Macadamized Road I 
— Departure from Washington si Wharf. — 
The highly popular double -engine steamship 
SIERRA NEVADA, 2000 tons burthen, J H. 
Blcthcn, Commanuer, will Wave Washington 
street Wha:F, with Independent Mails Passen- 
gers anrl Treasure, on MONDAY, October 20, 
1656, at 12 o'clock m, punctually, unless the 
steamer Orizaba should arrive in time to take 
lur place, in which event tin? latter ship will 
b-j despatched Through Tickets will be fur- 
nished, including transit of the Isthmus. 

t^r** Passengers arc at no expense upon the 
Isthmus except, for meats while crossing. 

Treasure for shipment rccch cd at the Com- 
pany's office until 9 o'clock a. m , day of sail- 
ing. For freight or passage, apply to 

C. K. GARRISON A CO.. Agent, 

■ c . W. corner of Battery anrl \Vasoingion st , 

Ltd Second Floor. 


A son's Dove Battery, the only machine ever 
perfecn'd for navigating the n"ir, is on exhibi- 
tion EVERT EVENING, at No. 131 Jackson 
street, (opposite Burch's Hotel.) at which time 
the inventor will be happy (o explain the same 
to the ladies and gentlemen of San Francisco. 
tAr" Admission. 50 cents 1-tf 

-^ southeast corner of liattcrv and Washing- 
ton streets, boy and sell Exchange on all the 
principal c'tfes. j.|f 


■* corner of Washington and Kearny streets, 
fronting (he_ Plaza, San Francisco. 


™_LIC, 157 Montgomery street. 1-tf 


X1 TAXES?— You can save nearly One-half 
by purchasing your indebtedness at 104 Mer- 
chant street. 


* J sole agents for Peter Beighider & Co., of 
Xeres de la Fronterta, and receive regular sup- 
plies of their celebrated Sherry in wood and 
bottle, FALKNER, BELL & CO., 

138 California stroet 


-^■' Dry Goods, ll5 Montgomery street. 1-tf 
"We were particularly pWaicd with a splen- 
did assortment of mantillas, collars, embroid- 
eries, fir., in the store of Messrs. Austin, which 
are indeed sufficiently beauttfid to tempt our 
fair lady f.lendsto pay them a visit. The quiet, 
laly-like stylo prevailing throughout, seemed 
to ui in far belter taitc than ali (hose immense 
checks and stripes which have lately been so 
prevalent amongst our fair wive3 and sisters — 
checks so large that it requires (as punch would 
civ, " three lalies to show the pattern." — S. F 

Newt Letter, QeL 20 ; 


*■ Ar,£\ry.— Thi? undersigned effect Insnr- 
anccsfjr the Liverpool and London Fihr 

son tscB Company, upon Biniiiing^. S'.ocks 
an.l Furniture—a ad for the Atlantic. Pacific, 
OlUEST, aad MkRCaSTILE Insurance Compa- 
nies, upon Vessels, Cargoes and Freights. 
J. P. &. R. J. HAVEN, 

1-tf IOC Montgomery street 


-" Boot and bhoe Emporium, No. 184 Clay 
street, S F. Just received, per "Golden Age" 
a choice lot of their very superior QUILTED 
BOOTS, for the rainy season All descriptions 
and a choice lot of Ladies* Gaiters on hand 


•*-* No. lil Montgomory stiver, corner of Sacra 
memo. San F-rnncfeo. Importers and Dealers: 
in Watches,, Diamond- Work, Jewelry'. Silver 
Plated Wore, and Fancy Goods Chrouonte- 
tors and Watches Cleaned and Repaired, by an 
Experienced Workman. 1-tf 


■*-' Porter, just arrived per " Chalmers" from 
I^'mdon, iu gl&4|, quarts and pints. Also, su- 
perior East lurlia. and Other Sherries, of former 
importation. For sale to suit (he trade. 

1-tf IIS Sacramento street 


^ * nyand Commercial streets, for all kinds of 
Drv Goods. 1-tf 


- 1 *' Tios of PitiCEs at the Rftsscttfi House, cor- 
ner of Bush ami Sansomc streets, San Francisco. 
Prices of transient Customers reduced to the 
same a* Regular Boarders. 

The prices of Board and Lodging, either sin- 
gle or double Rooms in this House, will be 
hereafter 81 50, 82 00, and 63 00 per day, for 
transient customers. Persons patronising this 
House will find a good and quiet home. The- 
Cassette Bouse Coach will always be in attend- 
ance at the wharves, to convey passengers to 
and from the House for ose dollar each; 
baggage free. 1-tf 


" facturers of Quartz Jewelry, Importers of 
Watches, Jewelry and Diamonds. Mark the 
number, 135 Montgomery street. 1-tf 

"The justly celebrated Quartz-Jewelry ol 
Messrs Barrett ami Sherwood we have seen, 
and it Is indeed Cha<te and unique." — San Fran- 
cinco News Ltutr, Oc . 20. 

VFAV SILKS.— 2,500 YARDS Dre-s 

-^ Silks, at 67J cents per yard. For sale by 

l-*f corner Kearney and Commercial sts. 

A,i Stores, by BARUY i PATTEN, Whole- 
sale and Retail Dealers In Wines anrl Liquor-, 
No llfi Montgomery street, San Francisco, llf 

^ name of JOHN J. RENNIE, of very as- 
suming manners, about eis feet htgh. dresses 
\\-< 11, who has been doing an Auct'on business 
in thi-; city the last six months, having abscond- 
ed on the last steamer, either tn New York or 
New Orleans, taking funds belonging to his 
signors, panics are hereby can rioDcd against 
trusting him. he having proved himself a svin- 
dler BRADSKAW & CO., S. L JONES & 
6an Francisco, October 6, 1056. lit 

Philosophy of our Streets aad Stores. 

*" When found, make a note of it." 
TVe have, since the departure of the last 
Mad Steamer, been enabled to make the pe- 
destrian tour which we talked of la our Irnt. 
Leaving our office. No. 101 Merchant street, on 
one of 6ao Francisco's brightest of bright 
mornings, we commenced our rcasoarches at 
No. 102, and fou id that our musical friend, Mr. 
Kohler, ha I " hung up the fiddle and the bow," 
and was" busily engaged In packing up case 
after case, of Ids excellent and now popular 
California Wine. We like to enconrage native 
Industry, so we kindly patronised him, by tak- 
ing a pint bottle of ''Angelica " at his own ex- 
pense. Wo proceeded down Merchant street, 
auddroppedin at Wainwright. Randall &. Co's. 
It was the day of the flower sale, and the auc- 
tioneer's room appeared like a garden trans- 
planted from the "Arabian Nights," at a mo- 
ment's notice. Wc had only five bits in our 
pocket, which wo immediately invested in a 
geraiium, of a new variety, which, by the way. 
ha* since died, and in baried in our garden. On 
reaching Montgomery Btrect, we paused to re- 
flect over the indomitable energy and persever- 
ance of the American people, .who, with no 
other tools tha-i penknives, have -completely 
whittled through two lamp-posts, one telegraph 
post, a-id a sifrii-board. We wondered, also, 
ivhat conld pos-dbly be the occupation of the 
people who are always standing at that corner; 
perhaps they aro only loafers, we voluntarily 
remarked, or perhaps politicians— gu icn ■■hi:. 
Sauntering along, in a very happy mood — the 
beauty of the day, and the number of fair I a -Ties 
whom it tempted to walk out, the metropolitan 
appearance of the street, all contributed to call 
up reflection, and we involuntarily reverted to 
the 6an Francisco of 18-S9. when a la ly was a 
rarity, a womhT. a something to call out all the 
bnsy* population to stare at with open mouths — 
wdien a lady's invoice of straw bonnets could 
find no purchaser, and was. at last, bid "JY at 
auction to a ii-amster, to feed mules on — when 
the sea washed over the site now occupied by 

Montgomery Block — when the hardy American. 
miner pitched his tent, without let or hindrance, 
in the midst of what is now a magniticea4 
street— when ships ca t anchor on Clay street, 
and when Barry & Patten were unknown — 
Whom now, *" not to know, argues thyself un- 
known"' — and we thought of this handsome firm _ 
of handsome partners, anrl how well the late 
raius and their arrival of "Dunbar's Ale- and 
Porter" has happily come together, to quench 

and refresh our parched throats." We forget 

whether the above is a quotation from Shaks- 
pearc or from Harper. If it is from Harper it 
may still be from Shakspeare. for Harper al- 
ways steals, without acknowledgement, par- 
ticularly from ranch. Wc have, indeed, a 
great many things to talk of. but a* we only 
allow ourselves 'one poor cent's worth" of Phi- 
losophy, wc are. obliged to close before we have 
well begun, and shall wind up by doing an aot 
of charity to the passengers arriving by the 
steamers, in reconiraeuding them to take up 
their abodes at the Ratsettc House, where they 
will, find accommodations adapted to every 
style, whether of elegant or' expensive taste, or 
modest and unassuming economy. The pro- 
prietors attend personally to their establish- 
ment, which is the surest guarantee that it is 
well attended to. The building is very large 
and lofty. Visitors with a sleuder purse can 
be accommodated with bed rooms in certain 
portions of the Hotel, at extremely low rates, 
whilst they enjoy all the privileges* of t!u com- 
fortable and elegantly furnished parlors. The 
dining saloons are fitted up both with tables 
d'hote, and with commodious private tables for 

families, each table having its own attendant. 

Wc called to see the Plying Uachine,on Jackson 
street, and were struck with the similarity of the 
principle, which corresponds with the machine 
patented by Mr. William Henson. in London, 
abuut eight years since, creating at tbat time a 
great sensation. The arrangement of the detail 
U different, but similar in obieci, although 
there does not appear any borrowing of idears 
from one to the other. The action of the tail of 
the fib and the bird's wing, is that of a screw, 
and ad is to the propulsion of the body, by it^ 
vigor and rapidity. The dove battery of 
Mr. Richardson consists of two rigid planes, 
(placed our" over the other, about four feet 
apart.) of glazed calico, with six setts of ex- 
tonded gull's wings placed iu front aud behind 
the planes, and these wings are acted on simul- 
taneously by cranks and levers, so as to pro- 
duce the angle necessary for accent or descent. 
Atriking the air at the same moment at the, 
pleasure of the navigator, whose sea? i^ iu the 
centre of the machine. The principle is the 
only one which can or will succeed, although 
we opine that a cylinder containing gas, com- 
posed of silk or cotton, will materially tend Vj 
counteract gravitation. Should a small steam- 
engine be found light and powerful enough, 
no further perfection of the machiue is neces- 
sary. By running down an inclined plane, and 
holding a kite, you may be lifted off yonr feet ; 
so in this machine, the pressure on the air, with 
the velocity obtained, ts the sustaining power. 
What is required to the rigid expanse of the 
bird's wing, is a couple of lightly framed archi- 
median screws fixed at the back of the planes, 
or extended wings, and these screws, driven by 
a small engine, of one man or half horse-power: 
the startingof thema?hineboin^ first obtained 
by the velocity of an inclined plane, and then 
urged forward by the screws. Mr. Richardson 
intends in about three weeks, having a private 
flight in the neighborhood of the North Beach, 
and we think he will be enabled to fly. Yet, 
his bird-shaped machine cannot be expected to 
be full-fledged at starting. As the principle of 
this invention is the true one, we shall be glad 
to find Mr. Richardson's visitors are so nnme- 
rousaswiU enable htm properly to elaborate 
at the machine so novel,an invention possessing 
really the only correct principle by which oarial 

navigation can be accomplished A morning 

or two since, as the dawn was opening the gates 
of the eastern sky, wc noticed a long flight of 
those wise birds, whose appearauce, under 
such circumstances, is supposed to iudicate the 
near approach of winter. We were Instantly re- 
minded of the critical condition of our "soles," so 
without losing time " looking round." we steered 
direct to 184 Clay street, between Kearny and 
Montgomery, where we found our old Crjends, 
Ledcr & Gibbs, the Pioneers of Shoe Leather. 
Quickly encasing our neither extremities in a 
pair of their quitted bx>ts, which are a* repng- 
nant to the absorption of water a^ the stomach 
of a Dutchman, we felt our conscience consid- 
erably relieved, with the assurance that even if 
the flood-gates of the sky opened U|»on us, our 
toes wonld abide &i dry as a lime burner's wig. 
In leather, the best is the cheapest, and this 
House imports nothing but the b.?st of every 
sort, well put together, aud fitting like a glove. 
At the la^t Hebrew Benevolent Ball, it WM re- 
markable- to hear so many persons exclaiming, 
'•what a pleasure to be fitted by Lester &, 
Gi&us !"— [Tobe continued every mail.— Seve- 
Philosophical transactions unavoidably omitted. 


r duly acknowledged by the ExecuttTi ol J. 
L Folsom, deceased, for S15o0. with legal inter- 
est for 18 mos. Apply at 104 Merchant st. 



?o!il bj nil Buoksrllrr*. 

A Siininury f Events frum the .>th to the liOth of November, 1850. 

Pricr, oi-l ffDls. 

CfrrwteMMt, I**rrr Thmmtmmtt €'•**#>«. 

.*r I'dN A<- fifti-M (■/* r 
«JrJ |W i-totiittH. 

amymont Communication*. 
u*t Ik mmtAtmticmttd I 

i to bta doparturo for bU new Couaul-Ueno- lassos by Are t 

— Tli.- Election of the 4th of November lurprUod lo tbo city of Pan Fraud* 
. .in. I did imi .jniii- sattafV any party. Buehai 
40 by an oveiwhi li ''■ 


erected at .... ..... 

efforts*] last weak 

uwu ironi, ura voio mnnus— iHicnniiiin, ^,^n \ rilliltoro, XB,> | ai Vft per eenL in ino "Jionarcn ni-nranrn Office." The 

Z-" ' _ ■ M -c»- urQ - lH: Fremont, 16,993, The Republican party elected their now steamship orimbn, laavoi for San Juan, on Thursday, the 

i Or six* WS . Senator* anil Representatives in tin county of San Francisco, Suth Insi . under thoc mand oft aptain Blefhen, Ibe Couuno- 

lmt |m| their Elector* by a ■mall vote. Fremont carried Santa doro of tbo Nicaragua itcamers. ►bo is superbly fitted up, and 

the Santera; laal malt,waa about Clara and one olhor county. Fillmore only carried ono bM ono feature ui nor accommodalloiu heretofore unknown In 

a-*i -ntfiT* wa< uiir rongrcA*u,no county, " Yolo." Fillmore In the popular vote, Inula Fremont, any ofour ooean ateauwre, > \/. ; itatoroom* for all ecoiid claM 


The Tiva nrc iblppedbythe Sbnora, last mail, was al 
tg,¥UM>*i AtnoiurM ihi< uasarngcra wai our Uongreuunui county, " Yolo." FUlmore In the po 

Herbert, who *w»m*Hl glad to c*cape Aram tbo pnblla gaze, ami '1 '"' Bonatc audHousoli largely \..„ 

the continued attack* of that jticendomt the litornrv bull rim*. ' posed 1 that the oloctlon tif the Hon. David C. ltroderiek to tin 1 

- United States, Is m 

i to in- elected, who of the 

i' will succeed i« in doubt. 

■ ^ TjiK W^ a JiC7ijrr>| V JI I ff J ?J ^iJlfffc-i ^ ' J I i VJiiM 'j 4' d j a ? . j?i 7 !i T> iki j Ib H ' t 4 1 

tin- count, excepting only the GwWan Gala, The Ori 

It- the run from New York to "an Juan in fifty -fay- ami iliir- 

i hour*, the grcataai apes •! on n cord Much latorcei i- HI 

rour BlUieiia concerning bor present trip, and we hope 


educed. » heap 

iiy, named Me- 

. atetaDnuaua, 

nstvad "i bi. ih 

>n«. head oi the 

mtng a sort 


th«> BttUttH. whoealla It "die Departure of Cain.'' Herbert, Senate of the United States, la u 
whilst h> r. k.'|.t blroaelf tolerably quiet j wending along too two 8onatora to bo elo 

,i r , , t — thi ■•rim ofhla white liai closedown over In- • ■%, his I'"' diort time ^ 

aap< -'t u.i- n* *al a* If tbo rerdtcl had I n — 

cry of ibe i r lri«h 

the pMoL «■ )• *till limi 

I ban that — " J following arc tin- ■uccoasful cuudldatea for State and County ateamer for tbe Nlcarnguan Una Tbo OiuuVe earrloa i" the 

• ^. cret ceaaeleM jrloom, oiTiuirs : — Lttfinluiict Ojfuirs — Sitiiiucl Snuli ami iCugmif I., sul- Eaat tlii^ trip, tniiic a large number of paaaengen. We note 

The tabled Hebrew wanderer bora — i Hvan, Senator*. Aaaumblymen — Hiclianl M. Joaaup, W. W. thai the ratei of paaaagc, via Klcaragua, arc rednced. * heap 

Who couhl not look beyond the tomb, , 8hephard, Mr C. Blako, !■:.' Mlro, Cyma rainier, Riohard Che- ; travel Ih the order oftlio day. A l hlncaa 

Who couli) not hope for rest before." ' uory, Dr. V. J. Fourgcaud, T. (i Plielps ami Unfits Murphy. [ hn-hutn, wa*)a*t week ileliveredoi ti feina 

By tl.i- n :.'l I'oatmaater Weller proceeda to Waahuigton, anil County OJ}irrr* — C. W. Burr, President Hoard of .Supervisors ; : with two heads, and what i* very sini.'....., 

» «hi*p> t.-.| his object 1« lo get a number of mail baga In- Henry 1*. Coon, PoUco Jndgo; James F.Curtis, Chid" of Police; hcada beingjolncd on one neck or atom, the m 
d, owing '"the largely growing circulation of the iV«aw Etting Mlekle, County '- 
.. 'ibe t;uadaloupe Mine, simate.i about five miles Benjamin O. Devon,- 1 

trotii the Nev. AIniadeu, and in the same ranpe of hills, has , Charles It. Bond, Assessor; Charles DoailO, Sheriff; F. A. Hoi- ; not add to the common belief, that "two bead.- nrc belter t 

i opened, and "r f excellent quality produced. Already, : man, Coroner: H. H. Cheeverand Amoa Noyea, Duckmaatera : ; one." The Golden Oate brought ua on tbe L3th, the anxiously 

• iiimn ii.i-k- • f quicksilver have been brought to market, R- C. Rogers, PubUo Admlnlatrator; Jos. Simpson, Clerk of Sn- looked tor election newa, and witb the Democrat majorities of 

and morei- dally expected lo arrive. The prices are seventy '■ perior Court. Our fallow citizen, Hiram Pearson, was, whan ■ Pennsylvania ami Illinois, Ac, i-c It la a charming ebaracter- 

eants pt r pound, and alxty-flve cent* tat any quantity amount- ' last heard from, in the city of Moscow. His next destination is [ istic of the great American people, that however violent the 

lug to tw- my flasks or over, each flask being of Iron, and eon- to the Crimea, and Iront thence to Turkey. There is whirlpool of polit'cs. and however boOlng and teething the so- 

lalnlng seventy -six and a half pouuda of quicksilver. Messrs, : agreat dissatisfaction existing among the Mormons, at Salt cial cauldron may be, yel the very moment the dlo is cast, and 
Alsop A C" arc agents for the sale of it. It is believed that the ' Lake city. Their females are becoming dissatisfied with their i the result known, from that Instant the pulsei of the heart cease 
linadalonpi Mine will prove equally productive, with that of rather questionable social position, and their complaints having < their maddening play, and at once throb in their accustomed 
v\ Aluiodi-u. when worked with tbo same amount of labor reached the ears of lirigbain Voting, he has threatened to act ' and genial obanncL The stump speeches, the torch-light pro- 

1 capital, tin- facilities of transit being fully eipial. (A ! them all at liberty on thctith of October, promising them if they ! cessions, and big guns, are only looked upon as the auxilliarics 

aerlous fracture (not compound) has occurred between J>i. leave, be will imprecate tbe curse of the Almighty upon them; ' or " tally, ho I" of thr huntsman in theebast — bulb aides frankly 
Sen and hi« numerous hearers. The w rtby pastor hail fruit- u »t if they will remain. " they shall all be queens in Heaven, I owning the com. that the whole tight is for the possession of a 

ntiesjt ! and rulon to all eternity." Sixty barrels ofwbsjc oil were little indispensable family article called a "caan box," remind- 

. - .igngation to his j received last week from Monterey. Our wharves are iug one of the young lady's criticism of the pulka, who reuiaik- 

adniMtiiti'ii- their iion-attemlance n't the Sacramental table. \ fringed with a fleet of magnificent specimens of navel archi- ed — " The dancing was of no account, but the bugging was 

"Wlnii I Invite you," snid the eloquent Doctor, "to participate i tecturo at the present time, there being no fewer than ten first ' truly delightful " An old French gentleman, Louis Corey, 

at that inblr, tin re you sit gaping at inc. or politely and on tip- j class clippers in port. In the Superior Court, on the 14th | at San Jose, In firing off his double barrelled fowling-piece, 

— uf God— and such is your blindness [ mst., the ease of Mary EIrigva. Henry N. Naglee and Solomon ! burst both barrels,wliii 1. tore off his thumb from his right band, 
j A. Sharpe, on application for the appointment of a Receiver, ■ and the whole of his nose from bis face. The wonder is that 

Judge Shattuck said, "the equity of the complaint in this ease j his head did not follow suit. "We saw thick ice within tbe 

o all my entreaties, is denied by the answer, which, with its exhibits, shows pretty ; last few days at San Jose — even large icicles formed aronnd 
nsible for vonr sal- clearly that the trust of the trustees has not been abused, but ' the lubes of the artesian wells. — Nearly all the families, by the 

( on the other hand, the estate has been well managed by them. | Golden Gate are staying at the Raaaette House. In 1855, 

ig sheep yet ano- It is, however, involved in litigation, and neither the trustees t there was 2U7 marriages took place, in this city, and -seventy- 
et s i nor the plaintiff have been realizing the rents and profits that two applicants for divorces were made. Nearly all these VU 

ivill should arise from the property. The fact of owning a valuable were commenced by the wives of the disagreeing pair. 

yi t temper somewhat the vials of his wrath towards the shorn estate that is under a lease favorable to the owner, for a An important decision by the Supreme Court, in the case 

" lonthly rent of 3750, and yet receiving no support therefrom, Davidson vs. Gorham. Involving the right of the plaintitYumU. 

rnuld excuse and perhaps fully justify the suit, I infer from j an assignment from Oodcfroy & Co., of the mortgage on the 

p holds out to burn, the answer and exhibits, that they will stand acquitted of mis- ' steamer Underwriter, the Supreme Court has given judgment 

may return." management either by neglect or otherwise, when the cause I for J?ttt,000, and the judgment of the Court below, in favor of the 

The non-approval of the Doctor's injudicious letter against the has been fully heard. They expressed a willingness if not a de- ! plaintiff, must stand affirmed. Tin; thing is, are the bondsmen 

Vigilance ■ unimlttce, and the few visitors at his rdigeuae toircc sire to be freed from the responsibilities of their trust ; audit is ' liable i A sou was born to a Mr. Snyder, of Shasta, on the 

last * cdncday evening, will certainly explain all. belter for both parties that this should be done than that they ' 30th ult , with a whole set of teeth On the 1st of Deeein- 

Cupld b:i- 1>. ■ ii very busy of late, tiring his darts off right and should continue in a relation of great responsibility, after heart- ' her, a new Light House will come into operation, near Santa 
left. at..l a BTeat number of his fair votaries have been pierced burnings arc engendered, tending to injure if not to destroy the ] Barbara. Our readers coining up the coast will observe a fixed 
ugh. So indiscriminate has he been in his "tar- high and full confidence that should have existed between trus- [ red light, Fourth Order of Fresnel, illuminating the seaward 
get excursion! that we find no less than the whole of the in- tees and cestui one trust. The trustees should not be discharged half of the horizon. It should, in a clear atmosphere, he seen ten 

mate, of one house have been cruelly riddled. Many fair widows until their advances upon the security.and for the benefit of the to twelve miles. The Sierra Democrat says, that at St. Joe, 

have been victimized and brought to the harmonic pitch of De trust estate, have been returned or "fully secured to them, I ' Sierra connty, as the wife of a Mr. Fritz was stepping across 
Cnpn. Amongst tbe bat of those who have consented to grace think it will be expedient to appoint a Receiver; and this > the shaft of a water-wheel, while it was in motion, her dress be- 
tho Utile gud's triumph, we are pleased to single out from that without a suspicion that tlae trustees have mismanaged the es- 1 came entangled, and she was dragged under the shaft. There 
fair throng, a virgin from the west, whose native goodness of tate, or that the funds would not be perfectly safe in their I being a very small space between the shaft and the ground, she 
heart, ai-'i eclipsing beauty and accomplishments, renders her hands, but preparatory to relieving them of their trusts, accord- j was literally crushed to death before the wheel could be stop- 
deservedly the fairest of the fair, and the angelic leader of this ing to the wish of both parties. Tbe order for a Receiver is al- j ped. This is the first lady of our acquaintance who has been 
bewitching throng. Hymen's torch is lighting np, to guide them lowed." Mr. Geo. C. Johnson was appointed Receiver. The ' squeezed to death in this" State. Mr. James Donahue, tbo 

Scott and hi- numerous hear. 
lowlv demmuced in affection 
and aim. -r inial indifference ■ ■ . 

admonition* i»n their non-attendance at the Sacramental table. \ fringed with a fleet of magnificent specimens i 

"When I im lie yon," snid the eloquent Doctor, "to participate i tecturo at the present time, there being no fewer than ten 

at that table, th.'re you sit gaping at inc. or politely and on tip- j class clippers in port. In the Superior Court, on the 

i the House of God— and such is your bliudness [ inst., the ease of Mary Elrig vs. Henry N. Naglee and 

f you, when interrogated, know no more ! A. Shame, on application for the appointment of a 1 

. .... .^ v . en saying in my disci 

ow. If you still continue thus, dead to all mv entreaties, ! is denied by the answer, which, i 
nsible for vour sal- clearly that the trust of the trust 

ration." We do most devoutly hope that the good 

think twice, ere he departs, and give his erring sheep yet ano- ' It is, however, involved in litigation, and 

ihcr chance, and not leave their benighted souls like Mahomet s nor the plaintiff have been re 

coffin, dangling between earth and Heaven. Dr. S. wo trust will should arise from the property 

yet temper somewhat the vials of his wrath towards the shorn estate that is nude" " 

lambs, at this Inclement season, and withdraw his resignation, ' 

all to their happy fate. We shall be sure to be there, and to same justification of acts under the recei 

chronicle v. hh a silver pen the fluttering!) of Cupid's wings on Co. affairs, will no doubt be shortly appai 
timr h>i.».i- ,iiv having secured a capacious white waist- j doing all bo can to bring ont the beat poasi 
on, with sundry yards of cambric to dry our , &. Co.'s creditors. The malevolence of tin 

il tears, at the awful moment, when the fatal word obey is cret causes of its vindictiveness to the CO 

_ in., d We thank our fair friends, apriori, tot the kid iug. Thus the inflated nousc 

gloves they purpose sending us— our size is No, 7 J. Three have filled some dozen columns oi me untie 

years ago. the population of the Sacramento Valley and of the or solidified for ever, and justifies from its 

mine- throughout, were sustained by foreign Hour imported tended notice of the above report. Tl 

through San Francisco — now, tbe mills of the city of Sacramento gers during the first three quarters of the p 

alone, are stated to furnish 12,(XR) barrels monthly, upon an 23,511, the departures 14,1'tK*, having an ad 

average, from California grown wheat, which is full one-third of j tion of 7,006. The yearly amount of 

the entire consumption of the State, the latter being about 30,- tween the State and abroad, mav be cone 

OUObanvIs per month "" 

haretheif new lines in ope 

reduced rates. Artesian Wells are progressing ] 

ri of the State, and greatly increasing the value and c 

productiveness Of agricultural lauds. On Tuesday, the v 

12th inst., a man who has not yet been identified, was ir ■*— 
killed ;it the steam saw mill, corner of Davis and Com 

id the se- city. Mr. D. did i 
ilhstand- at 104 Merchant si 

• and personal slande 
f*the Bulletin, 



ing its operation, when suddenly a sharp ringing souud was j of clothes or ties 
heard, and. simultaneously, a large piece of the saw flew off, relied sin 
id struck him edgewise full in the face, splitting his head ab- fifty ceni 
Jutely in twain. The unfortunate man fell back, and never I I 
\ ed alt.iv.ard. This fatal occurrence was the result of care- | - 
lie-- on the part of the owner of the mill. The saw was j fants under foul 
iked, and be knew it. Mr. Hyde, one of the proprietors of i are 405 childrci 
e Vulcan Foundry, told him to lay it aside, that it should not . eighteen years- 
used. The deceased seemed to be about thirty-live years of for Mate aud Co 

i statue ; has a red beard, and dark hair cut ' 10th inst. ' 

ations are making among the French roai- the A 1. sehoont 
_ciseo, for the purpose of rendering to Consul | the first of Dcce 

ust i tic at ion of acts under the receivership of Adams Sc ; well known machinist, who lefL by the last n,,.,..,,,,,, „., « .„ 
airs, will no doubt be shortly apparent, Mr. Naglee is j to the Atlantic States, Immediately prior to his departure, made 
■ ti i,o..„„ «„ i.i-inrr „i.f *i,.. t„.ut nnnfliianmiitrn* i-Kms a donation of 6S50&) tbo Protestant Orphan Asylum of this 

..... se- city. Mr. D. did another creditable thing on leaving, he called 
uses of its vindictiveness to the contrary not withstand- at 104 Merchant street, and took four quires of the L " 

■ount of the Ban Frai 

f and family are very deeply 

sition of stocks ■ — 

i 7s. war bonds, prior 

I '55, 7b"2'75 ; 

____ d t»nd warrants. SI'S? I 35 per acre ; city 1U ^ c 

7,00fi. The yearly amount of correspondence be- due in'*o71, par and int. ; rejected scrip, 25'<?3i>: en 

the State and abroad, may be conceived from the fact j 35'S>-I0 ; Sacramento city 10 $>' cent, bonds, 724 S 75 ; do, county 

7,175 letters were sent to the Eastern States in the first 10 ^ cent, bonds, B0&85 The San Francisco Sugar Re- 

nouths of the present year, aud 316,179 were received — finery Establishment is completed, and ready to go into opera- 

B ten cents each letter, about three times as much as any tion. It is a building oi brick, 76x 120 feet, and five stories high, 

California is used to these oppressions, and "Col- with extensive steam cooperage shop and bone block manufac- 

tory " aptly remarks, "distance may lend enchant- tory attached. The lot on which tin- establishment is located, 

* ti... ,.;..,.r "__ _ t oc ]n W burning of the tides on the | comprises two acres. The estimated capacity Of the refinery, is 

iver, twelve miles below Sacramento equal to 4,000 barrels, of refli el sugar, and 30.000 gallons of 

remains of some poor hunter — a com- syrup per month. In connection with the refinery, a line of 

r of Wellington hoots, not one vestige barkantines are to run to Manilla — fhe first vessel is now over- 

it year, reached I 
i to the popula- ' t 

r ..dent to the view, 

al banks of the Sacr 

', city, have exposed the 

- pletc skeleton, with a w 

lenly a sharp ringing souud was of clothes or Hesh on his bones. Alongside were a double-bar- ' due at this port. The establishment probably will not go into 

in cash — the money in two different 

lento city, ihere are 2,300 childre 
r four years of age — females are ahead 
ildren in Stockton, betwaen the ages 


, and 300 in-' 
There , 

nts and pray 
v attend you 

v stock of refined sugar in market is 

lost probably be reading or handing 

n<-day, accept of our compli- 

i ages of four and , nestly beg Mr. and Mr: 
iiO.000 was received — 

The Pacific Wrecking Company ha 1 
Hf Ada, which is to leave this port ' 

ro:?ii«m's tffffq* 

an extra nip of the 
ftv>, we trust you tv ill 
vy ere long receive In 

that during our ab- 
vish he were here." 



uiv Lob Angeles wine from the Vineyard 
of John Fronting & Chas. Bonier.— The na- 
igned have now on band the following dif- 
•cui binds of Native Wines, guaranteed to 
the Pnre Juice of the Grape: California 
Port, California Angelica, California White 
Wine. California, Bed. Wine. Sold at ft! 50 to 
83 per gallon, for the convenience Df pas- 
gers por iteamere, cases of 6 and 12 bottles 
will be supplied as samples for our friends in 
the East. Orders from the Interior promptly 
attended to. CHAS. KOHLI-.K. 
1-tf 102 Merchant st, near City Hall 

Cross.)— H. A. Cobb, sole Agont ftr Cali- 
fornia for Momrs. De St Marceaux ft Co., of 
Reims, for the sale of the above favorite Biiitm, 
has just received, ex " Estcllc et Tleine," 200 
Bankets. A constant supply will hereafter be 
kept nn hand, ami invoices received per each 
arrival from France. * " 


between Montgomery and Bansome. buy 
ell Exchange, Gold Oust, and Bullion. 
on : Duncan. Sherman & Co., Kow 
York; Baring Brothers &. Co.. London, and 
all the nrincipal cities. They will also make 
n Flour and California Products 
,j tliw fra uds i n ye w York. _l-tf 


! -Capital, 66,000,000.— The unde 
— eived ~~ 


° er Of Deeds for all the States, etc. Office 
at the Law Office of Williams, Shatter ffi 
Park. San Francisco. 1-tf 


" Tins of Prices at the Kassctte House, cor 
ncrof Bush and Nausomestreets, San Francisco, 
Prices of transient Customers reduced to tin 

j'HE FOLLOWING IS 1XTEKEST1XG %';,"", ".^;!? r B SS*SII 

to this community, as it slimvs tlie cniiiirar- c i ,„. ,|„„i,i,. li,„', m s 'in tli'is House, villi., 

atlvo tacreaso of business, and also oi conn- i„. rra f,or ¥l 50, S> 00, and S3 00 nor .lav. foi 

donee in the Insurance orhcos operating In re. transient customers Persons pa'ronisine this 

Duties pai.l Ooverninont for Stamps in the : House will lin.l a "oo.l an.l nniet lioine The 

following offices iu the years __ Increase ' Kassottc Honse Coachwill always be in attenil 

.■jSji; ■"* ^|°"- 1 ance at the whar\-es, to convey passengers to 

l.oyal . . . ...£llU.i-l ■-.»,u:^ ;.o ! ami from the Honse for ONE DOLLAR each; 

Liverp 1 ami Loudon l.i.upl... 21.0.). 4.. i ba""a"Ofrce 1-tf 

!'," |l " ri! ', 1 , 4 ;]?- " ' JTvSl" ' ■, \ 3 "' ■ " Wcbavc many to talk of but as wconlv 

Monarch 11.. .-h... 12,066... .10 allow onreelves "one poor cent's north' of Phi- 

Northern ... ..... 6,031... 10,080. ...Go , lr,st.|.liv, wo are obliged to close before we have 

Ami in Farming Stock, on which no stamps wrfl „J Elln , „„,i s hall wind up hv doin R an act 

e may, an equal clian 
' tie- "varions nppm-lun: 
■slments. No favoritism 

j-terof sale, of i 
me. an.l ivili , -tat 

iilerstniKliuirs. and . 

were: Unya .i'-Jl.,,-'*!; Liverpool ami Lou- „,.„„„.,,; in reeommending them to take u| 

'i-o'.,s! i- , : '"'l'™" 1 , ,V ; ''■"'-' - Muuarcl1 . their abodes at the Handle Hon, . whore the! 

*70,3SB, honhern £,40,199. „„, liuil „„„„„„„,,,,,!„„. „,.,„„, ,„ „„, 

SMITH, liliitlHI-.I.s i (.o., s(v , wlietlieror.l.faiil or expensive- taste, oi 

Agento northern Assurance Co., modost and unassuming eeo, v. The pro 

J '" t-alilonna st , Nan i- rancisco . p.-ietors attend personally to tlo-ir establish 

f UCAS, TURNER & CO., BANKERS, "\'."' "'"''J' /• the surest guarantee that it it 

\i ,, \ . , „ .. ' ,,,-,■' "'II attended to. The building is very largt 

-u so, tlteast comer of Battery and \\ ash. g- „,„, ,,„■„, vw ,„„ „„„ „ ,,,.,;,„,. ;. S( . ,,„ 

ton streets buy and sell Lxchauge on a 1 the oc „ C eom,no,late,l will, bedrooms in certai. 

principal cuius 1-tf - ons of „„. „ , cstrcmplj . ,„„- rates 

CIIEUR V— THE UNDERSIGNED, : whilst y enjoy all the privilegesof the eon, 

^ sole agents for Peter Boighider & Co., of fortable and elegantly furnished parlors. Til, 

Xcres do la Fronterta. and receive regular sup- dining-saloons are fitted up both with tablet 

liar hi 

State in i 

ie till 

■ llisti 

uii'in. am 


e will) 

ii the eon 



i that roll*. 
the riitliv 

in tin.- 

ins. Also. Life Insurance for a per 
jr the whole term of lite. 
FALKJS'EK, IiEI.L & Co., Agent.' 

fair lady friends to pay tin 


A ranee Company of Liverpool and London.. — 
Capita). SIO.UUU.'WO— The undersigned, agents 
in '-alifornia for the above na 
arc prepared lv issue Policina 
Bultdingft, or Merchandise stored the 
Honacliold Pnmllure, etc.. and are authorized 
to settle all losses here. The Company will 
ever distinguish itself by "promptness in the 

'-' s" Parties deai 

_ .j furnished with 

Sir John Musgi . 
K. Hooper, Deputv Chairman. Tie 
New York :— John L. AapinwaU, W. 
Qoorgc CnrtU. 

to us iii far better taste than ali those immense New \ ork : — jniin ju. Aspnnvau, »* . onermaii, i 

cheeks and stripes wliieh have lately boon so Goorgc Curtis. 
prevalent amongst our fair wives and sisters — Policies issued and to 

cheeks so large that it requires (as Punch would this Agency. 
■ay, " three ladies to show the pattern." — S. J". Brick and stone buildings merchandise, ship 

* Later, Oct. 30. in port, household furniture and personal prop- j 

iT= - ^r-v-T-v - Vr~T'iS"T>.-r-' tv"^t-t» i -v/Vr* ertv acnorallr. insured on favorable term". 

INSURANCE "<!■ Bcncrally, iu 

^^". L. BUOKKll. Age 

i-md assortment of silks ele at -lircd; 

AOK.XCT.— The nndcrsigned effect Insur- .,,.,.,,,.„ ,,,,,,,,,7 r ntm nerri' „ talc of the Great Dismal" Swamp." bv Mrs f.,r the LivtitfooL and London Knit: ( "IIARLEfc. JU 11! KILL, IMl'i Hv I Lh , s,.,w,. , ,, w ,, , 1 a sort of Vilest 1 .'•Inclc 

.. - j Buiidings. Stoeks V a :,,l Wholesale Ileal-r in Iir„L-s mid M.-di- - :,..','. ',',„ .. '„. 'A, , ,,,':,- ,-,.,,:,, ,,.,. 

-and fortlie Atlantic, Pacific, cinos. l'aints an.l Oils, Brushes, Combs, Toilet 1 "J^J J;™.:,,? 1 .': 1 ,). "XtZ !;.:.„!!.. . 1.!. I.'!'i ' " 

aiMJT' 1 


Sight Exchange on Eanc 
■^ JSY.— EaUblUhed in 163G.— Incorporated 
bv Act of Parliament — Capital. fl.259,7ti0 — 
f — 1 OfBces: London. Aberdeen, Belfast, Ed- 
rgh, Olawgow, Dublin. The sal-- <•!' Pre- 
miums in the Fire Department, for the year 
ending January 31, 1856, amounted i*> .£" 
31, which, after payment of all losses and 
expenses, and provisions for all outstanding 


OKiKXT.and Mkhcaxtilk Insurance Compa- Goods, and Gard 

uics, upon Vessels, Cargoes and Freights. change, fronting 

J. P. i R. J. HAVEN, streets, oppo 

1-tf 106 Montgomery street Francisco. A 

TESTER & GIBBS* P IO SEEK TWrd ' |1 «!? B 2£5 

rium.No. ie4 Clav I )UXBAU 

per "Golden Aye" '-'Porter, just 

;iLTKD London, in n" 

iptions pcrior East I 

ami a choice lot of Ladies' Gaiters on hand. importation. !"< 

WJl, B. COOKE & CO.'S LEGAL ... 


et. S F. Just receivod, per "Golden Ago 

U1'.V-| " Blank Depot, Montgomery Block. „..,„ - , - i ,. ]I - .,,.-, . .,, .. , vi: s strong boots with cork sole, t water. 

null Office for the " San Francisco Kows UAIiKhlT ec SIlEKn OOX), .MA.NL- ,„■,„,,■ , iK h,.,. ,„•«,. shall never he aide to 
Ttill— Letter." 1-tf | ,J facturcrs of (.luarlz Jewelry. Importers of I iM i,,il,e eit" and imc t,l our asti.nisl.ilis sir, 

... ler Qtl. For freight or 
passage, annly to FOIUSEB 4 IIAliCOOK. 
corner oi acramellto an.l l.ei.le-.lortl' -ts. 


J- Sic*ra?ua 3gcaiu*hip Company's Line, to 
New Vurk and K&vt Orleans, via San Jnau del 
il inihs shelter than any 
tlier roni" —Through aliKad r.ftlie Mails —Duly 
rvelvc miles of Land — MaeadeiuiZ''d 
.load. — Departure from tVa*hingtoii street 
wharf. — The -plendj.l new Ste.i:n--hii.Oi'J/. us.v, 
J. IL Blethun, Coi ai.der, will I-.iv.- Wash- 
ington -Tr.'fi wharf, with Independent .Mails. 
Passengers and Treasure, on TRurtsn i% X iv, 
20th, 1836, at 12 o'clbck, H., punctually. For 
freifht or passage, apply to 

(.'. K. (iAICKls')N i- f'.... A-i-nts, 
S. W. coroer Battery and Washington sis., 
1-tf " Second Floor. 

1 > A L M EI I, ( : (MnCl~0 K, IIAXKEKS, 
-* corner of Washington ami Kearny Btruel 
Scorning thi li'.' Sau Francisco. 

iJfCearnryandCon.mereialste. p hil)80pn y f oa r St'eeta and BtOTOS «»« «»>« Wlowingfor an i^-xample ,w it _» re- 

LUB, AND PASSENGER * y , , , , f . ( „ purtediu private eircl 

*■ H.iMtv (- piTTPV Whnln When round, mace a note of it. n ten p teket h<*iiilk-r 

•i ,,'-»-■ .'n-!!™ «. Whit »r* wecomin-rio, ana wa» inusi E.a 3 i- 

Lil dealer.- in w mes and liquors, The grea t Folsom Estate Sal" came on* on e rn shippers tMnk whin gocdi are retailed at 

""" "' the 13th and 14th inst, and was conducted with , uch ,, r i C(; .." What, indeed '. We i--±r they 

Mo all the provorliial skill and ability of that old jypifdntat least, ir they do lot fa'l into a 

\~> ami well established firm of SHovor, Simon & „, ;rii:anent d- dine ' 

J rfl " (j-ibli— Mr. Henry A Cobb, th- Auctioneer, „,- g ,,«! of the tld nu 

i^T^^-'^Z'^'^i'l^:^^ through allthelauoriousdutiesoftbctwodays , Suu i^siuDn met a pieman, gomr to 'he f; 

oiamonu-worK, jmojr, sn\.i- sa](i _ cl , ll , ln( . Iilu: the business with the dignity 3 d yj eimpW Simon, to tuc pi man, what i 

r riiMiioiue- and gentlemanly bearing which has been .•■'> \ 1( u doin* there .= " 

irert.oyan comp i otQ i y satisfactory to the Executors ami u a - n '! this can; o*. be— "or our Sinnn is or a 

" ortnia n. i-it lne V ory numerous body of purcha-icrs. Prices , acL , ,„„,.„ not ed for sare.tdne.s tuan simpli- 

)S & BALLEY, IMPORT- ruled high, and, with two or three exceptions, citJ Another advertisement, tussestlve 

loinmission Merchants, San Fran- tlio property brought considerable more than f nu ,. ¥e i7 rhymes is :— '■ V 

igKone "'as anticipated by lln- Kx-i-utors. 1 hi* who].- t en i ( u- ; tand in sti-sprriei 

,RDS W. J. B ALLEY, auioitut realized m as S:iiii),ii!i:i, whieh. added h> lit ^ ., y ;— Little. Who selU the purest and 

x1L Stores, by UAKKV & PATTEX, Wl 
sate and Retail Dealers in Wines and Liqu 
No. U6 Montgomery street, San Fr»""i™"> 

I Expenencod Workman. l-it 


i *■* en and Commission Merchants, San Frat 
Cisco and Hong Kong. 

nticipated bv the Executors, The win 

nt n-ali/.ed was *:i-;.J,nn:i, whieh. added 

e at the liwe.-t pice ?— Little- 1 ' 
dentlya poor pirody on that 
our childish recollection* : 
it caught me when I M. .'— My 

Ilonc Kniiff San Francisco. tin- ainniuit >.t I huistlay s sal.-. (i',.j.i.(.»j n ui.xv (j s „ lcl |icine at the p-icer— Little." 

a grand total of 84£U3.i Messrs, ,lm, Wieland I \v tlWU u evidently a p »>r n.irodv on that 

CL'KURY & CO., THE ONLY MA- & Co., French gardem-rs, bid in the homesfea-l .. h , rini ^ r our childish recollection*: 

'J nufiseturcrs and Importers of CLOCKS on of the deceased al 810,000. The property occu- 1 ,. \y ilt lvai ^ caught me when I M. ?— My 

the Pacific c.ia^t. No. 157 Montgomery street, plod by Messrs. Smiley Brothers, on the S. W . , Mother. 

oppnftitc Montgomery Block, Sau Francisco, corner Sacramento and Sansome, the Custom who ki s*d the place to make it will?— My 

* ^ We sell for cash at New York prices. House Block property opposite, and the City M-ther: ' 

.Mark.t property, S W. corner of Battery and . \\\. ,, i„ 6 tion if ih»re is a? much virtue in M . 

DHCENIX FIRM INSURANCE CO., Sacramento streets, was all struck off to L, | l^.1 "a medicines. 'Jwing to tie damp 

1 X. V. Office, W Wall street. Now York. Mayaard, Esq. The Union Theatre ami lot. on weather, our phil 

(a.-iriil, (200,000; Surplus. 675,000. All of Commercial street, between Kearny and Du- ,, r der, hut neat n 

tvhteli i- available to meet losses. pom, was purchased by Abel fluy, Esq. Never, ■ s , pirate half she 

Insurance against loss by Fire effected upon in the history of real estate operations in thi- ( uu nerous adverliieri. It will o ; tc 

-.turns, merchandise, dwellings and furniture. e ! *y, has tin-re hern a public auction sale more H j |, ,,, nethtngspicy,aB u> lal, as a 

'I'li.-uinl.isi^mtl has full power lo BOttlo losses upenly, fairly and honorably conducted. Thu ; Write soon, and k*ep \our feet i 

hero, and has been kindly pormittcd to re.-crto firm of Selover, Simon & Co., and particularly _ _ 

the following jfoiiMeincn:* the Auctioneer, H. A. Cobb, Esq , arc entitled fnK SALE — A NOTE OF HAND 

Mrssrs. D h Rosa ft Co.; W. G. Badger, lo great pratso for their attentions and contimi. . I' n ebimwlpd"e.l hv the Fvemorn of J 

Waliiwriglit, Itandall ft Co.; Dr L A, Hirdsall. ous oxortious to afford infonnati -.dative u< '" ■, '..,,,..,.,. ,,7, r„ r ii- iVhh li-anlliitor^ 

E. W. CROWEL, Agont, the property to be disposed of, and also their; £* ""'"■ ' Vnnlvn.t in.i Wendiantst 

ldf 100 Merchant street siicccsstul efforts in gi-'- 

<> : * M i \\mm 


Sold by all Buokvllrrs. A Nummary of Events from the 3Mh of November to the 5th of December, IKMI. Pritf, CM Ctals. 

< irrnlmtimM y Three Thmmmmtti t opir §. 

■ ;, mutt l.t a "' 

boat 'i wf 

6UMMABT OF NEWS. ! liiicl 

i» private claimant*, alh-s-inir. a« an Jmli 

i ralu. left our ibnrea ©n the 2 Tbc ditch I ibe ork <•! one hundred men, who, in and Mi Oooi 

u ttln ■ . ra ft I «'M ill'' work*, carat) across Hi«- |aw*bone «f an plcted, .it the corner of Cnw 

alligator, imbedded at a depth ->r three hundred and fifty feet, forDanh?H;|1»b*Co.,Uiobi 

■ ■■!■, f"i" ii. ■ ii> ■■ i | — \ monntaln po*trnan, named Thompson, m pxprenaman, m-n-d warel 

1 not the Proclamation oi Ooi makes hi trip to and fro from Kaeraincoto to Canon Valley, of i 

1 1 in Aral, Hi in I.T-t, Id in a id l, and w'tij and) viatlug regularity. at limes scaling the auiainita of t£o bul 

•l.uh i. ■ Uug n,i ii 


n>iu us two ol our ine*t ' : I 
/. nrp tiu,itlp,Msnl Madame IMa Monta. We can fi ,t above ll j.l< -swing ■ 

.■.1,-1'... . 
n M« "Joa 

ink' the summit ■ A tbi b 
k* tin- win 
(h the fiK 
'ho late BtO 
ik' i" MOT! ilrifK -iv tli' 

ii lis.- gratitude ■ ' ; 

•.. nt ll... "Sm.l, 


of Aimit Ha 
ateoftfae btrth "f w. A. 



■y iv CoLJ. i: Crockett i- tun succeasorof I 

'Ii attorney of P. is 4. Co. At the time of tho d 

i ' receiver* and the appolotuicnl of the new i 

;. paid N- and P. i i 

lary, u tai ■ 
y algniflcanl [acl It thll 
lii' ii appear* by Qui 
Ud nan w,r> aire* hi. 

(n i IFT1 -TWO r-The, following la tile, | ■■ Ittotl 

California 7a, civil (and, 733 '• I . California 7s. war : 
id Hi.- to December, 1B5& par; da, da, do., 1 
ih. . .]. i itehool land warranty $1 3 1 'S~> pi r aero ; city i" 

nael of due in U*71, par ami hit : i 
,1 com- ■'■'"' W ; Sacrami nto city 10 \* . 



ol ili< linn of llanod in UlUi dty, enUHOd /* mommg Call The 

TAmcnto, Palrof the K. o, Orphan Aayruin, under the eharge of the 

youngeal Bisters of « harity, yielded 9&JJO0- — —Poor Dr. Vcr state 

tonof tit.- care ol Lis daughter of CoL Zabriakie. of that city. Youth, beauty, iutclli- haa been grievously afflfctod. Ho baa lost four lovely chibii 

lai and be friends." vence, accomplUbmcuts and wealth, are thua united, to give in ono week, and probably may losw tin 

lea of elegant groat diatrcaa, the Sheriff has Ma papers and sermons, Wi- 
lli, residence ought ^ii to help tin ■ j r man « it ii five dollars a piece, — 

The Flying [fthefogs will permit, "< l wHl < adoavor 
, to supply our readers with a vie 



tlie .if. rfulhaU— the Leaped up 1 
tar <iniiii-.-ii~tbr rrlonda, kindred 
(ton, many of i 
, and sweetly 

at a .IKtai 


tilesat tttoekton, nuo tokos the beads oi tb.j snakes m h 

v> since, which we hope tn do in oar next Anc« I.ttter. it ww 
I'd, attended by a perfect gai%xy '-i beauty and DUblaD. 

d, by the "Ooidon Oalc,' 

is tin.', ii per cesL lea 



.,.nc,.oo-Gold Uj.I AM.yed and return. ,„a .ell Exchange GolS Dart, and Bullion. Carful ,.,„,,„„,■ S uri4a. »" 3 Bin or Coin, in from 6 to 12 hw ; . ,,„„ „„„,„„. shorn™. A i ■„ . X. m ,M,i. I, i. «, „ L,!.: 

New York! I™ 1 '"P 1 * ° r oar St '«et, 
«« All of ■• When found, make a n 

Th J eC ?, r !; C »°" , ° f< " , - A, ' a , ) ' , "1 Gu " i "" eed ,' v " rk; llarh "-' BroU"-™ -v Co. Loud and ln«urnn.c- 

any or the U 8, paid, chemical An. advance, on hour and Cali8,rnia Product* the,™ 

elymmadeor Or,., Mineral, and Compound, comignod U> Iholr Won.b in Ke>v Vork MI' liorc audita, 

of every dMer.p-.lon prlcj paid Tor ,,, ,, ,. , .... ... . „,, , * „„.,;,,.„„,„.. 

Insurnni'f agatuai '"''- by Fire effected npon Wn >" '* ' 'J' 

i.rrs. merchandise, dn IlitigHaud furniture. lH4i a " d " ,;)( '- : 

The undersigned ha-i full powur to lettle losses are l *ss produ 

are, and baa bven kindlj p rmilted tu .c t to llvin <( '* gre^ti 

UKSKSliuUr P " d '"'I F" fK INSURANCEf-ROYAL ISBU-hfiETirrttK-c W C P. , nee'.^.rJaVm.eionlV 

_Q.rn.nd c..p«, Minine Ae,ncy_W £»»g»lXu ^Tdlr^ed ™°„1. "^h, "•"<* • ' ' " >■ " SffiS '"- ""« *EKL £ ft 

EW THE HOLIDAYS.— CHOICE , „ ;'!"»; * _. "r , ,~ \ , " „t£fc '^ ,'■ * " UttOWEI. .»,. ■„.. fconom, of the ,,.„ i„,., ln . 

ier oT Kearny ai 

,ve arrivals has t 
it line Angora Plaids, 50 cents 
1200 yard* fine Merino, M cent! _, 
250 new Silk Dreasea ; 150 dneo fit.. 

11 brie Hani kerchiefs. A Urg 

if Baste 

!(,'■■ "ii Kuh m Si 


i\f" j and from ike Home fur each; 
.___.___„ baggage free, in' 

CI If Ki.'II, " \\ i have many thiagsto talk of.bfltasweonlv 

• and Clay Ms. ! Bllow onraclvca " - poor cent's worth" of Phi- 

tea. lit lowphy, 

. k [vv/ik,,,r:i{N* ASSURANCE COMPA- 

:h Sf.— BalaWbhpd In 1836.— Incorporstcd 

is. Cort-tantly ou lund, a larse ataort- by Ac( nf Parliament —Capital, £l,25T>,?C0i— ' tt,< ir abodes at Ibe fituwCH ///,««-, %\ li.-rc ih.-v 

of 4-5, 8-4 and IC-l Cotton and Lin t n H.-a-l ('tluvs : ^ >'"!•». Aberdeen, Beltatt, Ed- will Hnd aeconimodationa adapted to every Hon to write for 

aide Damask, White and Colored .'iliiirivlj, .Jla^'-"', imMin. J'he sale of IT.-- stylo, whether of elegant or expensive taste or i« thi; leuer, t 

,_.jtph UUpers. rrin_»edToweli,4 4 mntinn in the V\n Department, for the year modcat and unassuming^ economy The pro- tume ideaof the 

Whte Martcilles and ev«ry ai« nf Marseilles enaina,ianuary 31, 1o\j6, ai nted to £i7,t*50 priuton attend personally ... their establish- cisc««,i na stales- 

A„ii -, gtc.—l feel ctnfilent tbat l« • ,J -- whJi-U, after payment of ni \omve an. I tnciil, which ia the unrest guarantee that it U We &usp 

itiify all who honor m« with a axpaoasa, and provisions tor nil outstanding well attended to. The building Is very large gating by a 

tali." 8. ROSENTHAL, claJma, left to the credit of profit and loss a not ami lofty. Visitor* with a r^« -i 

- . balance ol £13,398 Ds, 3d This company be accommodated with bed 

ommesecd Its useful influence in San portions of the Hotel at extra 
so in August, 1855, and the result of its; whilst they enjoy all the h^i^i^■| 

Ions are the best evidences of the esti- fori 

Books; Mercantile, 1. 
Blanks; Cheap Publicaiio 

» n <j matlon it i- In-M lu by the community. din 

?*' BV1TB BROTHEJISdi CO., Agents, \dh 

IJJJ u( Corner California and Batte r y sta lamflicsl each tablp havtaglteo^wn^tcn^t— 

icle pALMKR, COOK A CO., BANKERS, - s ' > - v <'^''<'- -W- r, 

asi - 1 corner of Washington and Kearny streets, \[0.\AKC'1I FIRE ASSl'KANCE 

l-tf fronting the 1'la/a, San rr an.i-Lo . - u r..>u am . ■■! London, Office of San Fran 

\rt.'" n »«fL*r w \|()(|j>f* c()uiiilvi.u- dsco Arency. 106 California straet Can 

i ii,-i-,I- for all ilie States, et 

cnttd for $>i), $i) 

and the price of tli 
such as need frighc 
Califoroir ' r - 

tically ut.._ 
ptices of the pri: 

Exchange Building, opposite the Cust 
H ome. l-tf | *■] 

f\ H. BOYD & CO-, 150 AND 152 ;Lm 

rcial 6:r 
r,r every a- scrip.ion. 

odise, ships i nte Uig e nt, 
■sonalprop- aol for hU 
liy, instir.Mi on iavnrao|e term-.. except for , 

land l-tf W. L. BUOKfil Agent |S hanghaesl 

'' l T - and Wholesale Dealer in Drug* aud Modi- , ™ eB t*: 'fared 


^ Pure Los AngelflB Wine from the Vim-vnnl I 

J. P. & H. J. HAVEN 
]<»! Hontgomery strc 

f clocks on soup, or 

wed in Rt-ctar ; 
. price WcvlfHo 

ate terms. Aluo, Life Ini 
years or the whole term 01 in 

FALK3EU. BELLA Co., Agents, 
l-*f 128 California street 

East India, and other Sherries, of for 
importation. For sale to suit the trade. 

l-tf 118 Sacrameuto street. 

freight or passage, apply |n 

C. K. GARRISON &■ Co., Agcn 
S. AV. corner Battery and Washington its., 

l-tf " Second I '] 


' ■ "0 ( ( lit ) / / Sh;{. 

M<~ ^ /it, if/ /■ /l , / /,// Sy/i/^jL 

*~— -/ ^ ■'-■ ■ ' f > /<- "/; ' 

Aft/ ,Jt1c/ r //..., // y/^/ / cf/C, 

f ( / r ( >»» ■■vAt/'/t. V?,< (,,- i V / ,7.. / /?. t />.' ^ 

rtHu , i 

( y / ' /W % >*£« / fob tftiX \ 

r p\)M ( 

M / 2 1 . / 

/n d(\* 

r •/■ 

/ / 


i. ■ 

o U 

O'TfA >ixa/ WHJL ■ , 



Sold bjr all Booksellers. 

A Summary of Events from the "ith to the 20th January, 1S57. 

Price, 61-iCeakr 

"ion, or rostseript, for distribution 

bv all It'tlU, Fargo te Co.'* Agents, 

\dy for i'miii «x days after tke de- 

yt' ur, ,.f" tack Utamer for Ike AUattic Stair*. Member of 

■mrt at Sjsrammio City, receive* a copy of the^'Lcur" — 

Tkrte Hundred Copies art sent to t\e Hotel* and public plans of 

nsjr: mi .VrtP York, The ekief Xttrspmpcrt and Jtanking House* 

■ m States and Europe, art also supplied rtguUtrty tci'.M 

■■ Ntm Letter.*' 

fort able transit "f Lho pneeenfen by her, the ahlp will proceed Mr. Tim 
tn I'ltn.itiia, and eoneocl with tin' Tonnowiw ami Teua, at As- f« 

pin wall. Tin- public urc Indebted t<> tin' Nicaragua line fur ilir I hi 

I'.v tic Grouton Gate 

■change of ticket* will be allowed it In d 

take bark from .Sacramcnth some rhloro- 
oor marVa leg* will 

.. which tickled 

recent low rat™ of pn»«age. Faro by tin; atcanior Ori/.alia ii fancy of the Gentiles much, hail turn Introduced, mid we oil 
030 itaerem, *'"hi in 2d cabin, and 8l"'iOin 1st clarnt state rooms, tho race Each gentleman ban two Indie* for Ida partners, aud 

i-sf A* notice ■ 
ttit'.rtr ttintm 

at Aspinwall — between Hew York and Now Orlcana. The Earth." A man na 

ll-t of pa«senger« proceeding by tho Orizaba, via, Nicaragua, shot and killed at La ( 

couaUu of i". s. s. Brodonek end Qwlnn and family, John had threatened to kill K 

Bigler, Col Inge, Postmaster Wcllcr, Col Henley, Indian agent, pate him. procured a dm 

owed it I* denominated Die "Mormon Cotillion, or Heaven upon 

he Karth." A man named William Forgnson waa recently 

fcgua, shot and killed at La Orange. Stanl-lnn* Ootttjr, Fernnaon 
John bad threatened to kill Kirk and tin- latter determined to an! id- 
gent, pato him, procured a double b 

Aaaw and Address of the 

ofkisorkergoodfaitk. Office, 104 Merchant at. 

iK; Charles L fcott, representative, Doctor Birdsall, Kx Superin- shooter balls, approached the placcwhcro Fergoaon we* at 

The Mnfl Btee 

bnppv to say, only "ca passengers : :— 
poMedfrotu tlV Increasing sale of the 8. F. .Vnra Letter, wero 
du^tSU! Oor writer* end readers must be careful to pre-pay 
their fatten to erory cue, A .Ycir* Letter, the postage not hav- 
ing been paid, contained a draft for $1,000 intended to bo for- 
warded by one of our lending firm*. It was politely returned 
by tb< poatmneter t" the owner in time to be mailed. A stml- 
lar [nuance of an enclosure of a draft for 610,000 happened a 
fcn montbe ejrjn thn postage not being pre-paid, and the " Let- 
ter" tenl to the dendlotterofflce before it was disco vexed. 

At length that jubilee of scribblers and speech-makers ha* coin- 
ini dc< i. and the doors of our Legislature were thrown open on 
the Bth but at Sacramento City. We thank his Excellency the 
Governor for his menage, which he sent us in pamphlet form. 

it.ii*<' A* it U, wo have only room to 
heal-. Be alludes to hie action in the case of the Vigilance 
Committee with which we are all already familiar. Speaks of 
Indian affair-, disapproving of the Indian reservations within 
the State, &.e. The state of our finances, however, is tho main 
feature in lho meeeege and the subject is treated in a masterly 
and bnslneu like rnenner. The message states the amount of 
cadi in the treasury, Jan. 1. HOT, to be 8212,404 27. At that 

indobtodneee of the Stele wee 81.313,531 58. Excess 
<*f expenditures over receipts since the organization of the 
Ltd G 'venimeiii, $4,131,127 31, The amount of legal iudebt- 
-- -Hi the 1st of July, lt&7. principal and interest of which 
■. be provided, including 8300,000 deficiency. 83.5U4.649 97. 
eie-l l<i In; paid annually, 8365,111 ">0. Expenses of govorn- 
jnt for 1656, including interest on Funded Debt, §1,241,209 32. 
Receipt*. $887,473 48, leaving a deficiency of $353,98 j Si. In 
answer |o the qneetion what is to be done, he repudiates repu- 
diation, ami recommends the passage of an act providing tor 
pnymi nl by those means the Constitution of the State prc- 
■cribe*, to lie submitted to the people at the next general elec- 
tion. He states tin- amount of the civil fund paid into the Fed- 
eral Tr.a-.ury, at $2,706,512, and suggests the direct application 
of the money to the payment of the bonds. We agree with 
the Governor in thinking we are entitled to this money and 
with him must sincerely wish we may get it. He alludes "to tho 
failure to pay the July interest, and directed proceedings to be 
taken egnlnal Palmer, Cook Sc Co.'s bondsmen, whom he thinks 
uiupi.'-ri.iuably good. Palmer, Cook &, Co. have ndditionally 
secured their bondsmen, aud claim due by the State as offset ts, 
$ldfi,U '■>. The Qovornor makes many valuable suggestions on 
"'ie revenue laws, aud we have no doubt that some of the 
eosuroi proposed would materially increase our income with- 
it much it" any addition to our expenditures. He advocates 
the construction of a wagon emigrant road until we can hear 
tho whistle of the Railroad. We recommend the message to 
•he attentive perusal of all interested in the State, as it is with- 
al doubt one of the ablest, soundest and most practical papers 
rer issued in California, The Senate elected Father Galla- 
gher as chaplain ami passed the compliment on l>r Scott, ask- 
ing hiiu \u preach before the Assembly. Both of these geutlc- 

baro declined the honors. On Friday the ninth instant, 

we were suddenly visited with a smart shock of an earthquake, 
in one instance removing a wooden building several inches from 
Its location. From passengers by the Steamer Senator, from 
San Die^'o, we learn that the shock extended to the southern 
Coast, was the most alarming experienced for the last halt" tcn- 
tury. In San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Pe- 
dro, it was peculiarly severe, and continued for upwards of 
twenty minutes or half an hour. They represent the motion as 
from north to south. In all the places named, several houses 
iple rushed out into the streets — but as 
..^.. iu that section of the country are one 
>HU tly built, no injury to life ensued. We have 
not the slightest doubt that if the earthquake was as severe ! ~ 
this city as in the southern portions of the State, Sau Franci 
ight possibly have been In ruins to-day. In San Diego, houses 
ere thrown to the ground — moveables were scattered about in 
the wildest profusion, and for a time intense excitement prevail- 
ed. The day will long be remembered by the people of Sauta 
Barbara, , The first shock was at six in the morning, the sec- 
ond at nine, and one and a half minute in duration, the most se- 
vere shock ever felt. Scarcely a house in town escaped dam- 
age ; people ami animals were thrown down — the earth open- 
ed in many places -water gushed up iu some places seven feet 
—the water iu all the wells arose from ten to twenty feet — peo- 
ple frightened badly at every shock. Those frequent shocks 
have to some of our more wealthy citizens, suggested au E-rlh- 
guake Insurance. Co., the premium to be aMpaid up for a seven 
years' policy. In ease of tatitl loss, the policy should bo assign- 
able and receivable at soiue distant place — New York or Lou- 
don — less subject t.o such contingencies. The splendid new 

steamer Orizaba sails on Tuesday 20th inst for San Juan. The 
news received by the Goldon Gate gives assurance that Walk- 

■■ is strong in his position in Nicaragua. Telcgra ' ' 
pitches from Aspinwall, 1st Jan. give also favorable 
concerning his movements. Should any thing have 
«»"T to the Orizaba's arrival at ban Juan, to impede the co 

int. Judge Clarke, ing. warned the person with whom he was converwmg to stand 

nd, Maury Prlndle, aside, and taking deliberate aim, discharged the contents of the 

Ir. Palmer, Custom piece Into the aide of Ferguson who expired almoat immediate- 

lames in the above ly ! Shcrriff Kirk at once gave himself up, vus foj- 

A'ashington — an ex. incd and teas acquitted .' Eiiraordinary '■ In 

y the largest here Buchanan had 53,3t>5 votes; Fillmore, 3t!,000; Fr 

■>..._»»•. ._.! i., i.. _ «*i a „i„-i- i„ •!.„ c»-te Comptroller's office, has been 

JlcCorklo, Frank Hilliard, Judge Druinmond, Maury Prlndle, aside, and taking deliberate aim. > li 

lady and family, Snowdon, Merriinan, Mr. Palmer, Custom piece Into tho aide of Fergus* 

Ilo'nse, Ac, Ac. " Nearly the whole of the names in the above ly ! Shcrriff Kirk at once j/..... .. 

list, are proceeding to the White House at Washington — an ex. incd and vas acquitted! Eziraordinary '■ In 

cellcnl family hotel— but not surpassed by the largest here Buchanan hail 53,365 votes; Fillmore, 3fi,000; Fr 

called the Rasselto House, kept by Joseph Rasactte and lady - (J93. A clerk in the State Comptroller's office, has been 

where one meets with nil tho comforts ot a home During Improperly substituting $100,000 of warrants worth only 60 cts 

the past year 23.730 Hanks of quicksilver, containing t>01bseach, instead of 'cash, making thereby a difference of $40,000 by the 

were exported from San Francisco, chiefly to Mexico, which, operation. The clerk has tied. " Iah te man in vol inshurs 

by custom house valuation, were worth 8^63,185. Tho to- de people's belts'" aaid a thin, cadaverous looking German 

tal coinage of the Branch M hit of San Francisco for 165t», was about 50 years of age to a health insurance agent, whose office 

$38,524,681. The tunnel known as the Bassit Tunnel, on is about commencing business in this city. The agent politely 

Texas Hill, Placer county, has yielded frequently as high as replied, " I attend to that business, sir." "Veil I v 

8800 to the ton. The lead nick is very uneven, and gives every belts insured; vol you charger" " Different prices"! — 

indication of au ancient river bed. The greater portion of the ed the agent, " from three to ten dollars a year ; pay _ ten dol- 

goldis found in crevices. In Tulare County, the principle min- lars a year and you get ten dollars a week incase of sickness." 

ing is in quartz. There are here at the Kern river and its trib- " Veil," said mynheer, " I vants ten dollars vort," The agent 

utaries, numerous quartz mills driven by water, and many aras- inquired his state of health. " Veil I ish sick all do time. Isc 
fro* are also at work, taking out large quantities of gold, — shust out te bed too tree hours a day, and te doctor says he 

Mr. John T Wallace the city and county sexton's, as a noso- j can't do nottn 
logical report of deaths during the past year, and thcircau -- 

is not descrvingof much attention. From doctors educated in sure perse 

every part of the known world, with varying nomenclature anger, "yi 

and diversified theories, as well as home quacks, mountebanks ten dollars f< 

and old ladies in and out of petticoats, have been received om- n ne uvmntnt* 
tificates touching the cause of death ; from this stock of . 

can't do noting more goot for me." " If that is the slate of your 
health returned the agent, " we can't insure it. We only in- 
sure persons in good health." At this mynheer bristled up in 
anger, " you must tiuk I'se a tarn fool ; w 
ten dollars for inshurc my helt ven I v 
one acquainted with the history of California for the last s 
years, has heard of the spirited and well fought political b 

rials Mr. John T. Wallace has elaborated his report. The great field senatorial — Napoleon and Wellington, Broderick and 
diseases that swell the lists of mortality— fever 156, dysentery Gwinn ! ! The fight and agony is now over, aud as the smoke 

clears off the battle field it is found there is no vii 
drawn battle, liroderiek and Gwinn are both ele 

21, small-pox 11, die, appear remarkably low and the more so clears off the battle field it is found there is no victory. It is a 
as the greater number of those enumerated arrived here or. drawn battle, liroderiek and Gwinn are both elected — some of 
board ship in a dying condition. One doctor discovered one the ignoble dead lie strewn, around the battle field — both gen- 
case of yellow fever and another three cases of cholera, which crals arc after a manner victorious. This is the only difference, 
discovery they verv nmdentlv kent to themselves and the eitv David O. Broderick is elected senator for six vears — with gal- 
and county sexton. 

127, but again the majority of these poor creatures were sent untarnisnea ana < 

out here to die, apparently in order that they should have the his adversary to 

advantage aud satisfaction of doing so at a respectable distance arms — although defeated, he retires with the honors of war, 

from their friends. Under tho head of stillborn (not miscar- and with Broderick's consent takes the short term. To drop 

riage) we find an unusually large number, 133 — "excitement," our metaphor, the senatorial contest has resulted in the choice 

" sudden events of the country," " the climate '' dee,, cau have of David C. Broderick to the full term in the Senate of the V. 

nothing worth mentioning to do with this ; why should they die States, and ot* Wm 31 Gwinn to the short term. Mr Broderick's 

at the eleventh hour I wo believe it is mainly to be attributed antagonist was Hon. John B. Weller over whom he was elected 

to malpractice, and the unnecessary and indiscriminate admin- in caucus by a^vote of 43 to 32, and iu joint convention elected 

istration of " Labor Powders " by lazy old ignorant women and by 71) votes. The short term was contested by Gwinn, Latham, 

superannuated males, who as a last resource have taken to the 31cCorklc and Field. After several caucus adjournments and 

business of midwives and accoucheurs, and who for the most many ballotings tho vote stood, Gwinn 47, Latham 29, Mc 

part are incapable of a greater mental exertion than that of dis- Corkle 0. Wc congratulate 3Ir Broderick, the country and our- 

covering when they are hungry. Apoplexy under various selves on his election. It is a triumph of no ordinary kind: — 

names forms a conspicuous item — our hair fairly stands on end the presidential contest of Andrew Jackson is its oufy ; 

when we contemplate the followfug: " brain-effusion on 10, He has triumphed over the most unmerited and unspa...^ 

brain congestion on 21, brain dropsy on 20, apoplexy 20 :" if tacks upou his personal character He has vanquished a band 

David O. Broderick is elected senator for six years — with gal- 
anly tread he leaves tho field of contest with honor, 
untarnished and crest unsoiled ; while Gwinn is permitted by 
his adversary to quit the garrison without laying down his 
arms — although defeated, he retires with the honors of war, 
and with Broderick's consent takes the short term. To drop 
our metaphor, the senatorial eontest has resulted in the choice 
of David C. Broderick to the full term in the Senate of the U. 

from this we deduct " brain drops; 
on the brain, as formed in cbildn 

ilitical antagonist 
because he was not born in the seeti 

oral bead. Of apoplexy.' The sun "has nothing to do with this, I was bou 

but a nice little question suggests itself here, which 

o warred against hi 
i'hich gave them 11 
id honest means. _ 
with no popular clam- 

He has made no promises which ho has not the inclination 

leave to the acumen of Mr. John T. Wallace, who evidently to keep ; he has toadied to no enenV 

nd sacrificed no friends. 

has passed year; 

t hieroglyphics, to solve. How far do> 

roast pig or die, gobbling doivn your food ilke a duck, never rest have made him their choice — and to 31r. Broderick do the pec 
a moment, and when failing nature lags — gulphing down bran- pie look for some practical, beneficial legislation for the Mate, 
dy system, acccunt fortius state of affairs t The Golden and they will not be disappointed. Tho same moral rectitude — 

a moment, and when failing nature lags — gulphing down bran- pie look for some practical, beneficial 

dy system, acccunt fortius state of affairs r The Golden and they will not be disappointed. Tho same moral rectitude- 
Gate mills for corn and barley in Pine street, ground with only the same unflinching energy that has nerved him through this 

inches stones, 60S qr. sacks of extra flour, contest, and which has led him through life from obscure boy- 

i twenty four hours. This defies competi- hood to the proud honors of his present position, will enable 

re pairs of stones. A petrified rattle- hiin to make his influence felt and his name respected in tho 

iscovered in Trinity county. Our su- councils of the nation. Mr. Broderick has talent of the high- 
fur starting. We paid a visit to it a few est order, exeeaiive and administrative — he has never yet held 

two pairs of 7 feet 10 inches stones, 008 qr. sacks of extra 
equal to 200 bbls., in twenty four hours. This defies coi 
tion with three or more pairs of stones. A petrified : 

cccntly discovered in Trinity county. Our su- councils of the nation. Mr. Broderick has talent of the high- 

is ready for starting. We paid a visit to it a few est order, exeeative and administrative — he has never yet held 

I found the works most complete in all their details, a position he has not well filled. He is tho Napoleon of poli- 

of 100 horse power is the same used at the crystal tics, but it is through polities the country is governed. We wish 

■ York. About 100 tons daily can be refined at this him joy of his new honors and if still ambitious to fill a higher 

ut, of the raw material, three cargoes of which are place, he has still our best v :e,> 

thin a week from Manilla. Crushed and lump su- ifornia Academy of Natui... . 

w cease to be imported, as they can bo produced spring of 1853, and received a charter of iucor 

present stocks on hand are 5,000,000 lbs, and our of the same year. The objects sought to be obtained by the 

Lsumption 750,000 lbs. Mr j. A. Thompson, the Academy are the collection, preservation, and scientific inves- 

onthly consumption 750,000 lbs. Jlr j. A. Thompson, the Academy are the collection, preservation, and scientific inves- 

cxpressinau of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, has again arrived tigatious in the various departments of Natural History. At a 

at Sacramento after a peculiarly interesting trip to Carson Val- meeting of tho Academy on Monday evening, the following 

ey, the chief part of the journey being performed with his Nor- officers were elected for the present year : president, Col. Le- 

at Sacramento after a peculiarly interesting trip to Carson Val- meeting of tho Ac 
ey, the chief part of the journey being performed with his Nor- officers were elected 
wegian snow shoes seven and a half feet long, over plains of andcr Ransom ; 1st 

now and snow drifts— at some points he was una 

•st sc- The small party with Thompson made Lake Valley on the 23d ponding secretary. Dr. Wm. O. Ayres ; recording secretary, 
dam- Dec., and reached at night a deserted cabin and struck a fire. — Mr Goo. Read ; librarian, W. Hufiic; curator of geology and 
open- j 3Ir. T. being anxious to press onward, at midnight arrived at | mineralogy, Dr J B Trask ; curator of zoology, Dr La Lausz- 

, T 3Ioss, D J N Eckel. We 

another cabin and found all dark and the door closed— 
pecthig to find any one in, knocked and "hallooed," " 

his surprise a voice answered from within f 

alone upon the floor in that dreary spot, without oi 

than the clothes he wore, aud the bouts frozen to hi 

this deplorable condition, he had been lying for •«■ 

with nothing to sustain life but raw Hour. His l" 

pletely frozen, and will both have to be amputated below the j cc 

knee. The sufferer was Mr. Sisson, partner of 31r. Hawley, G. 

dent, Theodore BIdss ; 2d vie 

president, D. J.N. Eckel; treasurer, Edward Bosqui: 

six miles above Pla 

villa, Thompson started back to Carson the magnitude of other grants. - 
, Christmas day to return to Lake Valle 
th snow shoes and a sled, putting Sissc 

', aud other difficulties, I County, quicksilver, iron.cop 

- -Accept our usual Ad< 

laturc now assembled at Sacra- 
. iu furthering and fostering this 
...., by obtaining from the State gov- 
aid. Hero we have a number of 
?n who invest and pay their money 
— vancement of science on the Pacific 
sonal attendancics are for the public good, 
itors, this is but a small matter compared with 

-Ex.Govcrnor (and the 

■Iu San Barnardino 
u dis 


-*- ranee Companv, of London — Esta 
in 18HS.— Capital, t8,000,QUU.-The under 


Toe Rasacite is one of the 
the very largest, ho" "" 

$150,(XK), (held by T 
meet losses.) Director 
Sir John Htisgrovc, 1 
K. Hooper, Deputy C 



\. i-.-iiiv regarded by (hi 
imugh lawyer, ilrm, 111* 
■ *i. and |« 
•luitiw rvfiuuiia to tin 

thay par an tatre pn-mv 

Q t i:.l - -J C r 
m <rv at i »•.,»:. I the] Mil thill trrun- a bet' »^__ that of « DIBICI 

l.rrHar ill, it, .... t*. Mih or roan 

.ln.||?«' Burn- tt i* iiiin.r.jllv rvgnrdrd bv tin- ... 
■ *■*.'. . k mm •/ r— - 
rti t it i* * good plan N»t pirri.t* t-> *i 

. « f<>r itirir rh Mfi-r, ax pert hag them ur w |lh Ihc i 
I . mBIIMt* 11 sflrrward*. I ■ IV vturiirc l« »r ,,„„„. r di.elitm 
art ..f ptu I'!'', l'tt thought w In- h MW I 
-.l.i beat i f mankind, ant tm-rri 
<r.Jw of Ihc assured— to a tradesman, ■• j'Ula- , r ,, 

rwr, it it arai'able in the uior* tl 
-it u rqiially to in | DV dark ol Budne* .. 

-i.*i,i.-ti«. artisan h seawly any transact) In our •lock «»*,„■ Borafoodn 

rndvBt on bii in *thly or weekij earning* share markoi - old city il per rent t. u are at l( , : , B „ umI ph,ioaophy m the old prov*rb 

. t tut rr— who, inconn^uciirrofhu*. tnr " ''"•* tSiat' 1 7*1 has.' bcon sold nt 1 and. | t in,-h a d grow fat." ' We h .v.- aU» aiuio! 

i ful o eupiuon would paj .» . ..., l Ip * J ihan o0r— plenty of purchufi al 40c, l(l lim[)V | ljn ,, parties, com arts, *c. Our Pi- 
uaraulj Inereaaad premium — h w*\er "'',* "i' nc offvru, lf- l " l **<* warrants for services „ ,. f ., U sician made * gre*i midake in hii 
rpsrawd Iron the imr-dttri ui tutu • and M fWw«WMlwawnbPBiw not worth more than • grand concert," Hud it been in londonhe 
■n,t , (for thus wejudge our fallow man.)— *" wm ^~£ h ^** 00, ' ,n loo caah box having wou iu a uotlcss have advertised. *• Orand 
h«« a heart .■it line* yearwllg tow rd« i.i» "'" m V°™« , 4 n ar ,. H)lu by Mr McKor*eil, in bt Paul'* Ca- 

fncnll and r.-iatuci— biieyoi a/.- nut unfre- BKSATOR W. M. GWIN'S LETTER TO thedral "— nut at tv« have not yet any edifice 
•l-i i.t1> bedewed with tear* or trbderncM in fit PfcuPl.K OK CAM FORM A— The Im- with the capacity t f r-t Paul's, be cho»e tin; 
' ■ reset morales o # by-gone associations— and porlanee of Senator Wm. Gum's letter to American 'lhentic for his performance, in pr.-- 
al f r which he is toiling, h intend- >'al f »rni* gi-neraily will he our be»t apolngy ference t < Munical Hall— and we know sever- 
al for dear one ■ fir away .' but in a tingle tuo- for publi*htog it in cxt-n*o in the tan rran- al highly iniluential citizens 
meat be may be beref. of l{/t Upon whom fitool*ew** Letter. — u lbaTaiboughlltpropor,'thcir ea"r» wbiUt v\ ' 
tkc* will In- accu- ulaliom uctolTe. 9 » hereai '" vi»w of the SonuUTial contest which has re- * trains which fell fr> 
Dol ling a t«ulir\ of Msuranne en hi* life, upoi. »ulttdintheelectionof Mr. I)avirf|i*. Broderick of our di8tui(iuibhed Harpi<t. We 
the re«|illr*d pnmf of lib decease, tha amount tiid un celflo the Senate cf the United States, scarcely Ba< their elf'rts were inelfrcti 
would be pud tolDoecanth^fiaed to receive it. '.f* •tate to the peoplaof California rcrtaiaeir- We also went to s 
T.i bring the duty home wemii r-f-r to the ,UBrt,MM antJ f,lctB " hlch compose a part of hoop anak-i. Hia po 
tit* Beaton'* re|-.rt, of ban rraLelec* for tht t '" : l ' 1 ' °" " f llwt artJuo,ls s'.mc?le. truly wonderful. Talainjf of h 

latt year, trharotn It w-i'l be *ecn t at some After a lalionoui service ill the United States dancing parties ; wu noticed ma 
of in reaturat are p-culnr an i >o braeoooat- ''' I,lU ' «i" rlD ? a t erm of ^\x years, and at a luxurialii-g in all the glories of huope—wlial 
ad f"r only by the vary (Lost tution of tin J l,ncturc '" l ' ie history ol the Plate when the bone. We knew it would be so — we alwa 
community. lS16death#ararocorded ashavlni '"^ysnl II elity or a representative eouid laid it— weflrit whiepered it to our friends, 
t»ke>i place d»rin: tbr tear. Ofthil numb r >Ht mu * t ' ruilfu! " f results, I found myself at then spoke of it in the irtreet*, and ut laeipub- 
bvtweau infancy and SO year* rf age over 8*0 ' tne cx P^ TR ** on of my term, and after having as hshed it boldly in the JVhM Letter. As we pre> 
brlwaan 20 and 90, 'S>-£ \ between 3* and 4ll' ' *"l ) t"" 1 ^"'! outlived the misrepresent atiins of dieted so it has come to pass — we are h 

" — I, Hi. T speaks a wain ng voice do "*■ t ' ,lt ' m i c ** ,,n ? il BTedasain in a struggle which hopeletely, irretrievably ho- ped ! The 

1, our reader, bead it 1 nM be, " u Main rewarded With the confidence hus in in are atnpnj the greatest sutr rers, for 

.' . . . lit ». ,,f lhc Legislature. My electi »n was attended altho'the 'lius was made for all, it can 

re eioee Ull appeal, leaving it upon the j- circumslancej which rarely occur in the take them nil— and the steamers protest they 
consciences of all to n bom i; may come. course of such contest!. A Repr.-Fentative will raise the fare for the fair sex, while the 

whose evil destiny it i i to be the indirect dl«- males are mailed at the usjal rat«s. " The 

n3^r of F.deral i atronage will strangely ipeop'cs' line"can'i etandit at the reduced fare 

is alculate ifhe experti ti evade the malice. of 1U cts for a ride. The Brannan riru 

e nuil n f ditapp inted men But the hostility, ma- Association of this city, lias after a delay of 
rated b) tiguity and abuxe which have piimied mv years, just received from Boston the n:*" 
A.-lol lariiament Capital i. I aoS, «W Ster. Senatorial career when at a dist ince from costlv and elaborately finished Firs Engl 
line. U-ad lOIow-^ Ljodoo, I, Mooorgale my maHgoe-i, and wlichhave accomninied azceedin<r in beauty, strength. 
nrevt, Aoerdaen.S, Mngst.; I .dtnbnrah. Si», ine during the strife juat closed, are utch, I of design, m) thing of the kir 
Kt. Andrew Mji^.sgow.lM, tit \incent place, ^lieve I may say, as a bepr.-sent.Uive has before either in the Old World ortheNc-.— 
Her- ucparlmenl — insurances are »r inted nBf „ be f„ rc eudUred to survive. I'he Brannan Engine is ri.hlv and hea%ilv pla- 

ae.>in«t lire, al the current rates of premium. Tlie opposition I have sustained came from ted with silver. It is brilliant and dega 

Lire Uepartinem— all the advantages of a mu- an unexpected quarter, and fiom those whose throughout, yet fitted lor common ser- ; 

tuel asrooiation ar* united with the aecurily frien Unip x UM believed, strengthened as it general efficiency. The wood work i 

. Th- Participation wa8 Dy personal obligation, notbiii? could green, gold and carmine, blended harmoii.» U8 - 

'roprietor» of the we .,ken or serai. Ardent, devoted and disin ly wjili the silver work— valued above S3.')00 — 

;r cent, on the terested I had, whose fideliiv remained un- the paintings on the sides and buckets, are in 

pr-iniums wttncH.1 any other deduction what- snaken from n„t to last, thrWh storm and -xquisitc taste. Altogether, the Association 

* way the assured enjoy the prof Bum hino alike, and to these, one and all, my may well be proud of their machine and the 

r >hc mutual •ystein.j gratc r„| aeknowledijement) are due. Butmunificent donor, P. Brannan, Esq. The en- 

■llie a-stired are t . vi;n lnc force of their attichment, faithful ffine and tender will weigh 5, UUU lbs, and c"' 

reside in any part of the world, an ., zea |o U8 as it was, wruld have proved una- §10,000. A diorama will be open for a i 

ire than AA d^vees from the Equa- vailing if unaided, Id meet an I conquer the up day, with 3,000 automaton figures, represent- 

v ~mtion which open hostility and secret trea- ing the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Confla- 

•" i-^d arrayed again?! me. I had learned gration of Charlestown. The hour of exhibi- 

c nttifglc that he who aids in conferiug tion will be ann.unced each evening by six. 

iupaurns, excepted. >o charge is made tor ?rL . dt oflicial power upon individu\ls doeB not discharges of artillery from the Plaza " 

nagei bv sea to places within the above lim- alway6 Beci|r ' e f rien ds. and that the force of The Lachoood \Yu,.m Bear Valley- 

NORTHERN ASM" fiAN'CB COMP\»T, mi , alcuUle ir B 
for Kirc and Ll'e A^Mirarce at home and n f disap-i inted 
abroad. Kelablished in 113b'— incorporated b\ || e uitT 'and abi 
A-'t of Parliament Capital £1,839,780 titer. Benatui 

" tu *"*>'« aeeurlly fricniship I baa believed, strengthened as it general ell 

<»r a proprietary Company. The Participation wa8 by personal obligation, p"*i.i— -..i^l~- —i 

liranh is conducted by the proprietors of the „ f .i,.; «. =„..... a»j. n * ,il..„ 

company for a charg- of ten per cent, on the tetl . Si 

premiumi, without any other deduction what-Lhjiten f r0 m first to last, throu^ 

ever In this way the assured enjoy the prof Bumh ina alike, and to these, one and all, my 

It Without the llatolltv of llw imit.i ul mlnm . , . . _\ __i . _ ' '..■'. 


lilted tl reside in any part of the world, an a Kea i 0UI 
^re than 33 d*g;ees from the Equa- 
it payment of any addition to the 
et forth in the annexeJ tables ; i 
■d in gtild digging or r-ther ha: 
tupatl' ns, excepted. ' No charge is made tor « TtVffiMal 
;a to places within the above lim- a [ waj6 Be cui 

u-*ont ; by profession, except- Ueep pereonil l oUigation may even be 
ed. Claims-lhe agent, are empowered to e d inio an incentive to bostilitv and h 
i in both departments without ref a word; to tllc y^eral r „. 

Idol attribute, in a great degree, the malice]] 
Annual premium for an assurance of $100 and hostile energy, which after jears of '" : " 
n a single life: f Ll1 public service, and towards the c 1 

'" "';arly cost — - 
to the Un 
ate rrom pa'ronage, then and the curse it i 
| 5*^ .entails, I shall guuiy in future turn, and my i 

bition from henceforth shalllwhere yoi 
of the State, and to justify ready to fi 

ie a second time eai 
;ercsts. I have qui 
id other than that receivedlat 

i County, is proving 

verj rich — H tonsof the average rock has 

d S510, and 100 tons of similar ore are 

cnt should ' 

:h; thegrsi 

ts all w" 










18 T 
l'J 2 
it) 2 
l\ 2 

55 a 


7B 1 










U 2 
!tf5 2 
36 2 
il 2 
.'8 3 
2'J 3 
111 3 
11 3 
i-2 3 






3. r i 

4i ; 

47 i 
















31 3 

IS 3 
31) 3 
37 3 
3S 3 
3D 3 



"J 1 
75 , 


















.*i , 06 ibis forgetfi 

; but manly op 
cktiqwledge in this publ 
Ine-s of all grc 
""" what he 

allay the strifes and disordsj 
cieii the nariv and the State 


Prr Sti mm r GoliLn to. 

A Summary of Events from Feb., 20th to M.mii 5th, 1857. 


The J. L 

I*** off »nly *l -•?(■« II | 
Wl H-. Pirn * Co. $-111 ,4.M. nut of the al 
»v " gratifying." twrkoav ll»* lolal aim-nut ... 
!••« of any similar period front the year IsMii to ihe pn 
I ilav — and we bope t.. «it id., ilav when lh« amount of in*j 
in snipped will nnt exceed #TfciO,i>"0 lint few »-li|>i»»-r*< an- ar- 

rii Ing tad oonanqnendy, bnl little i ry i-. now going Ka>i — 

It should nut hi' ovnriooked that we arc not now dependent on 
the Ka*t or Kumpo fbr breadstuff*, «alt provisions, huiter. cloth- 
ing, furniture, coal and even agricultural ami mining Implo- 
incnt«, native urmvii wine, also- give indication* that ere long 
wo ohall produce almcMi everything, if not wholly, at leael par- 
tially w itliin oum-lvea. Tho thirteen millions of hrcnd«turT* we 
formerly hnported now goal Into the [Kirkels of our farmers — 
(or \* ■■ upon lart'i ly when- any large market cau lie found — 

Our laborer* hrro want m tu onontbo introduction of manu- 
(actured | K whieii tiny think woulil tnenaaa our manufac- 
turing poww, and help to tret rid of our present stagnation In 
Industrial pursuit*. One tiling in certain, that although our 
mines won never no productive as al present, wear,- retaining 
among ourselves, a larger portion of the products of our mines 
than !!■ retofbro Wall street may not be pleaded, but what do 
we can for Wall *i» — if we secure the principal .sum of our State 
d> -bt, ami pay the coupon* of the interest regularly, as we un- 
doubtedly must do. The Orizaba arrived Thursday the 

2Clh, bringing dates from New York to the 29th of January. — 
Led I'anaina Feb. 10, with '.i'OO passengers from New York'per 
steamer Tennesco. and i<i passengers from New Orleans, per 
steamer Texas. The Tennessee brought down 40 men aud a 
quantity of arms and amunition, and the Texas 2tH men, for 
Walker, which would swell hi- forces — under Cols. Wheat and 

Anderson — to (AW fighting men. A stranger called lately 

al the cabin of two brothers named Zanone, at Thompson's 
Flat, on ihe Yuha, and representing himself as moneyless, was 
fund-died by the hospitable inmates with food and lodgings for 
several days, t|„. weather being stormy. Six dollars also wa« 
given him against the time of nisdeparture. The brothers go- 
ing out to attend to their business, the base iugrate tore up the 
floor where they had deposited their money, ami taking the 
wind--, amounting to £1,000, made his escape. By a spe- 
cial decree of the Mexican Government, 2Ud Dec., '50" — the fol- 
mving articles are admitted into any port, or ports, of the Gulf 
■f Tehanntepec. paving only as follows : Rice 7o cents per 100 
lb*— uigar, $1 10— coffee, $i 12-Hour, 81 fi> $1 ,10-LardSl 20 
-all other provisions, Ificto V" ewt on invoice price. A hint for 

panics about proceeding to Tchauntepec. We are glad to 

aumilUMH! [ the call \ju the stockholders of the Sacraineuto 
Valley H*.| Itoad, has been promptly met, and the floating debt 
will bo reduced to below $200,100 0*0 the road, which will pro 
duce over $100,000 net profit this year. This should make 

tho stock at par. Just as the P. M. steamer, " John h. 

Stephens " was moving past the end of the wharf, and partings 
with hearts were taking place, an unusual stir was observ- 
ed, and immediately a wagon ivth a German traveller, his wife 
And child, a little boy, unmuted on a lot of mammoth trunks 
and chests, (with feather beds) galloped up The driver was 
ratting the lash to the horses at a furious rate, the crowd were 
lying in every direction, and the man and his wife, long before 
they reached the cud of the wharf, cried out to the captain to 
step the boat. The travellers jumped from the wagon, but no i 
Sooner wiu the baggage safely deposited, than the woman, af- 
ter having counted over the boxes, suddenly missed her boy. — 
An almost indescribable scene then occurred The mother, 
frautic with excitement, rushed through the crowd, crying 
" Hlne Got ! mine Got ! mine poy ! mine poy ! " The husband, 
doeply affected, looked on with consternation. The steamer 
was slowly swinging past, and the caplaiti and mates were 
"■.ailing and shouting at the top of their voices from the wheel- 
tome. The mother still rushed from point to point, asking for 
hor poy, and every few minutes bursting out with the exclama- 
tion: "Mine Got! Mine Got! Mine poij! Mine poy!" The 
crowd, of course, sympathized, aud inquired what kind of a coat 
the boy had, when the woman answered " Blau ! blau wie dor 
HimmcJ t " [Blue, blue as heaven !] and rushed on. After this 
description, the child, a fine looking little fellow-, was soon 
found, and the mother clasped him to her bosom, as if nothing 
could ever part them again. By this time everybody became 
intensely excited. The steamer was nearly gone, and only a 
corner of it yet touched tho wharf. The woman immediately 
ran to the boat, aud two or three stout men — every hand being 
ready upon such an occasion — raising her in their anus, lifted 
her up to several persons on the deck, who pulled her up. The 
boy, the father, aud the chests, were successively raised — and 
just in time as the vessel swung out into the stream. As each 
vas lauded safely on deck, a new shout rose from the crowd, 
md rarely was a great multitude ever excited with a private 
incdent, as by the tender frenzy of this German woman, and 
the recovery uf her lost treasure. As the vessel glided away. 
the glad satisfaction, expressed on the face of the mother, as 
she stood holding her boy on the deck, and looking back— half 
in shaine and half in pride— at the scene of hot late dreadful 
terror and escapade at the loss of the darling, and of immoder- 
ate jQy at his return. While the ship receded, a last loud and 

long huzza rose on every side. On Friday morning, 37th, 

the Chief of Police was notified that seven of the State priso- 
ners succeeded in escaping upon a boat from Point San Qnen- 
- tin. They were pursued by two of the guards and overtaken 
in another portion of MarinCouuty towards Sauceltto, as they 
were lauding from the boat. The guards fired upon them, and 
one was killed by a ball, another drowned, ami one captured. 
The remaining tour got away. Stonecifer, who was con- 
victed in the District Court on the loth January, 185(i, of the 
murder of A. Richardson, on the levee in this civ, on the Oth of 
October preceding, was sentenced to be executed A monster 
petition was signed and presented to the Governor, enumera- 
ting facts in extenuation of the crime, and he was pardoned 
The traus-shipmcnt of oil and whalebone from Honolulu 

and I.ahaina dm 

In a for 

of $1:1,000 of Sta 
iirer of .Sonoma l 
vlleve that the 

id, and think with some flight all, 
-The deeldoa of ihe Supreme Co 

Slate and County fund* from Mr. Busier, ... 

nn oounif l be i pin of that Mellon generally - v ?">' \ h l J* * 1 * T t° to , u P Wl ! . nml , " lbc \'"* HiM " n 

tin- Treasurer committed the robbery himself- ,ttd » rl K>' 1 *° 'wale he original mdi bledncM, co they cannot 

of tloirs, legalize- it The un 

g It, debar* them 

■ now in .-nnta Rosa jail. There are a gnat mnnv <f the '•>' any ni.-n- act <>i u„ ir-. legalize i . i ne Mine re 

r family, just now. In California. The constitution ali- "hich debarred Hum from ori k inally Incurring It, deba 

ty of the Consolidation Act having been affirmed l,v tho Su- no* from endors „g r, r winning it. A* to have rea 

preu.e Court in several dei-i, i„ns. that great measure of econo- ™ni.iituiioiial in.the first place, the people nnrt Imv 

iiiv may now be oonildored M firmly MlablUhed. It vill nor he "I*" '■■ «» must they vote upon it now before It can 

disturbed by the LtgUUlxre. The "Supreme Court, in a ca-o '''^al debt. If the opinion rendered in the wagon iroi 

taken there by tho Fund Commissioner., have derided that »" locans anything, it r*allv amount* to a denial 

money can be paid out of the Treasury to the Fund Commit ? »» lu ° <-ai ir-nna owes mis mree ami a nan m inons aou 
imnen, only for Lba purpose of meeting the interest on our ten "i"" 1 w J lk ''» »" ;r ^t" 1 " ll » v '- been Unraed. Then In order to 
per cent bondl u it becomes due. and for the actual mhmption I "" n1 '- ""•" , ," ,,,? n, ". St fi th ™ u K h , tht ' tan '° V r <*™bc<l forms I 
of such of the bonds as may be offered for redemption, not ex- I " h S w « Wd btt ******* to - in or '} v \ to «« ate an pnt ' ri ' ly ne ™ 

ceding the amount of *;,u,iM;n a ve.r. Thev also hold that be- debtedness 1 he agents of the 1 ehuantepre Companj 

fore any more monev is paid over to the Commissioners, they <"• l '">'. arc negotiaimg for the wharf at North i Beach, 

u*t have voted 
i it now before it can be made a 
«.«Ha rendered in the wagon mad contract 
ease means really amount* to a denial that tbo 
State of California owes Ihis three and a half million* dollars, 
upon which her bond* have been issued. Then fn order to as- 
sume them she must go through the i«anrc prescribed forms that 
she would be required to, in order to en ale an entirely new lo- 

op the funds thev now have on hand on the actu- "heir Reamer*. It is said that this line will be in full operation 

of the bonds before due, to the amount of $.»,. « "thin the next mnetv days It *« reported that Mr Jamea 

•coffered Mr. R E Wooda, onr County Tnas- Birch, formerly President of the CaWbrnia Mage Company, 

vly paid 8120,000 to the Commissioners of the 'n"™'« I'»»ing a line of stages on the above route, to run from 

Wo will not permit this opportunity to pass with- \ ] \° Atlantic to the Pacific oc< ans. -— At the late fire on the 

ir testimony to the integrity, effloiency, and abU- ' lli7a ' Dr Lr \ uzn :^ *«»tained a loss of a live and rare speci- 

ods. our Treasurer. Where so many "officers are »'"--n-eveu in Siberia, of which country it is a native of— a 

v, it is a pleasure to note one honorable excep- ymslhng marmot. It w a species of weasel, and the only, one 

i*e million of dollars having passed through his n> this country. The Dr. had frequently been offered $UW for 

impeachment of honestv. Chas Houston, well lt " )\hen the hre approached the little creature, its shnllwhisUe 

Alabama river, but the Inst few years a resident S " 1 '. 1 b " , ' ,a "' u J'--t.nctly on Montgomery street — —The spir- 

waa killed by the explosion of the steamboat '"S 8 ^ » f ?"y aTnto "# U £! -d . L2° J?" 2t?th ult ' lho ''»«*(• 

i» Francisco, a few months since. A Newfound- Spmtuatta, -for inveshyatmg Bpilltaa! converse and the con- 

d by him, escaped injury and dragged the bodv ,Ul(,U0 " " x f Sft 1 * 1 ? ^M and such teachings as are received 

;o theshore. The dog was sent home to the moth- P™^ . brt ? ht "" ' f ?* tf '- W"" h '* Vl 1 " orB '* ar,w " U ^ soHc - 

ased. residing in Perry county, Alabama. On «* ah friends to aid them in thin great and holy causo-a cause 

daguerreotype of his lost master, the dog imme- » which an (? cl9 and spin u of just men made perfect arc man's 

ized it and commenced licking it. sending up the hrm alhl ' s - «*«**• Shattuck has just decided that a gard- 

owls. Since that time he has refused all f,.od and »ers horse and cart are exempt from execution, and that the 

must first use up the funds they now have on hand on the actu- 
al redemption of the bonds before due, to the amount of $.»,. 
000— if they arc offered Mr. K. K Woods, our County Treas- 
urer, had already paid dl-1',000 to the Commissioners of the 
funded debt We will not permit this opportunity to pass with- 
out bearing our testimony to the integrity, efficiency, and abil- 
ity of Mr. Woods, our Treasurer. Where so many officers are 
derilecl in duty, it is a pleasure to note one honorable excep- 
lion, nearly one million of dollars having passed through his 

hands with no impeachment of honesty. Chas Houston, well 

known on the Alabama river, but the last few years a resident 
of California, was killed by the explosion of the steamboat 
Pearl, near San Francisco, a few months since. A Newfound- 
laud dog owned by him, escaped injury and dragged the body 
of his master to theshore. The dog was sent home to the moth- 
er of the deceased, residing in Perry county, Alabama. On 
being shown a daguerreotype of his lost master, the dog imme- 
diately recognized it and commenced licking it, sending up the 
most piteous howls. Since that time he has refused all food aud 
mourns almost constantly ; when last heard from he was in a 

dying condition. On Friday, the 2d of January last, Miss 

Sarah Willis, who was crossing a stream in Umpojna Valley, 
Oregon Territory, called Looking Glass Creek, in company with 
a party, incidentally fell from her horse into the water and i\as 
drowned Mr. L. IJ. Gillilaud. in endeavoring to save the life 

most piteous howls. Since that time he has refused all food aud »^s horse and cart are exempt from execution and that the 

mourns almost constantly ; when last heard from he was in a Legislature mt onded to embrace all classes of industry, and en- 

dving condition. On Friday, the 2d of January last, Miss e°tirage them by reserx ing things indispensable lor prosecuting 

Sarah Willis, who was crossinga stream in Cmpqua Valley, ™au peculiar branch ot business— as men of families their 

Oregon Territory, called Looking Glass Creek, in company with furilltur ^ larmers their implements of husbandry, mechanics 

a pariv, aeeideninllv Ml from her horse into the water and «as ™ tools— doctors, lawyers, surveyors, miners, and wagoners, 

drowned Mr. L. IS. Gillilaud. in endeavoring to save the life llK ' ,r hooks tools Ac.,-to encourage their industry and give 

of the young, shared the same fate An interesting «"*«■ tu "J**" ^V'P?'- ' haI ?*?, ^ y the .* ooner f work , ou ! of 

communication from the Surveyor General, relative to ihe sur- { t, hl ~ , rhc ; ° ri ? al ? a - ( , a P'- I'le'ien. wdl be despatched on 

vey, segregations, &e , of the "swamps and overflowed lands, { l;"™"ay the .»th of March, (see advertisement) tor f-an Joan 

slates that there are in possession of the office, four hundred d( 1 ,? lir , a " d P"*™*. connecting with the Tennessee at A*pin- 

and twenty-seven U. 8. Townahip plots, obtained from tbo IT. " a!L ^he rates of passage are quite low. The Orizaba is a 

S. Surveyor General. Although the great body of this land is n " w - s *'', ft - an,J comforiable ship, ami her commander Blethen, 

returned as dry, bv the U S. .surveyor, much of it is incomes- 1S a BOnHomM too well known to need any commendation at 

tibtv swamp and overflowed. During the year l&o, there were ! ,ur , ''ands.— " t aliforma : how to go and what to do there," 

located under the act, ISs surveys in five" counties, for 30,198, i: *e title of an admirable^ page pamphlet, just issued by the 

58-100. and in the year 1856, 106 surveys in sixteen counties, New York Comnuttce of Pacific Emigration 160 Pearl st , N. 

for 1 Hi -T!i -JH-Ooy acres ; besides a preliminary survey of 17,- Y ■ l he ob l? ct ? f , tlic committee is not to job by selling tickets 

000 acres in Sacramento county, and a survey' not yet return- " r I ,tir <'fcase land for any personal purpose or company inter- 

ed of 32,000 acres in 8an Joaquin county, with oOUO acres of ea 

informal returns, make a total of 227,000 acres Burveyed, DB 

Mr. Kendall has exhibited to us the model of 'Kendall's Back- ra 

Action Barrel Propeller." The principle is that the buckets are a 

constructed so as to present a smooth surface like a barrel dur- s ' 1 

ing half the revolution of the wheel— opening when meeting *^ 1 

the water, and, after serving the purpose of propulsion, dis- j^ 

charging the water by returning to a smooth surface — thus | i( 

avoiding the lift of dead water which is the hindrance in all til 

other propellers. The last story toid of our eccentric Call- wi 

forma millionaire, CoL H. P., (we don't mention names,) runs 8j 

thus : Travelling upon a small steamer in Europe, having ta- "■"" 

ken his dinner, he commenced the enjoyment of his cigar on , ( 

deck, when he was politely informed by the captain, that Brook- -« 

or purchase land for any personal purpose or company inter- 
ests, but to induce the settlemeut of a laboring and industrious 
population. The topics of climate, soil, productions, timber,, 
manufactures, mineral resources, labor, living, lands, routes and 
fares by ocean and land, are accurately given. The Committee 
should send us out a quantity of these pamphlets, that we may 

push here as well as there in so well deserving a cause 

A year ago there w ere •># feet of water at our wharves and now 

ing was against the rules of the boat. Our friend not caring to 
be deprived uf his fnmigatorial enjoyment, retired forward and 
puffed away for dear life. The captain finding his passenger 
still rebellious, again in presumptory tone informed him of the 
rule. I must smoke, said the Colonel. Can't, said the captain. 
' oiiio, said the Colonel, I'll buy your boat. What is the price ; 
Have no power to sell, replied the captain. Can you charter 
for the voyage, asked Col. P., and if so, what's your figure I — 
Three hundred pounds, answered the captain. Done, says the 
Colonel, and then for the enjoyment of his Havana. The bar- 
gain was concluded, the money paid, the papers executed — 
Now your Excellency can collect your passage money, said 
the captain, believing he had some crowned monarch on board 
iu disguise. You navigate your craft, said the Colonel, and I 
will arrange the passage money. Gentlemen and ladies, said 
he to the now gathered crowd, your passage is paid, aud as 
there are no rules on this boat, you can just smoke as much as 
you please. Very singular, isn't it ; Our Board of Super- 
visors, elected for reform under the Consolidation Bill, are ask- 
ing to have their salaries increased ! There was no money iu 
the treasury to bury a poor Spanish woman— there is no mon- 
ey to light the City Hall, making each officer supply his own 
gas — no money to pay the mortgage of Mr. Boss, of S40.000 on 
the City Hall — no money to pill or purge the sick, except at Dr. 
Hastings expense. The Consolidation Bill will not be chang- 
ed, nor salaries iucrea-cd, and our most worthy Board of Su- 
pervisors must be content in receiving the gratitude Of a hard 
pushed community for their ecomomv, instead of money for 

their time. The Sea Wall or Bulkhead project still agitates 

our community. Wc are in favor of some scheme of this char- 
acter, perhaps with Docks — our necessities require it, the pres- 
ervation of our harbor demands it — onr commercial interests 
are deeply involved in its construction ; and yet our newspaper 
pre-s decry and denounce every one connected with it. lest 
somebody should make money by it. It is idle to suppose any 
body of men will expend a million of dollars upon our harbor. 
unless with a view to profit. Let tho monopoly be grunted say 
we. and if individuals are benefited, the State, City, and com- 
munity at large are also benefited. The bill for a Sea Wall or 
Bulkhead, is now before the Legislature— a M S cojpy we have 

the ocean steamers cannot get off unless at very hit h tide,— the 

bulkhead must be made. The election tor a State Senator to 

nil the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Krunk 'lilford, 
was the most orderly and quiet election that ever took place In 
San Francisco. 'I here were ihrce cundklates in the field. Mr. 
Frederick A. Woodworth.of the People's party, .Mr. Frederick P. 
Tracy, of the Republican party, and Mr. Franklin L. 'ones, of tho 
I cmocnuic party : but there was not as large a vote polled, the 
office to he filled is merely Tor the unexpired period of Mr. l i[- 
ford's term. The whole number of voles east, including 75 seat- 

ing, was 7,B56; Woodworth received 4.501, Tracy 477, Jones 
:t; Woodworth's majority over Jones was 1.508, over Jones 
I Tracy 1,121. Washington's Birthday was celebrated bene 

h but little uisplav, ns it fell upon Sumlav. < n Monday the 
itary were out little, and beyond a business cessation and 
thousand drinks, there was nothing to indicate the usual 
a rd which was entertained for the memory of Washington; 
i « ho was first in war, first in peace, and first In the heart of 
countrymen. At Santa tiara College the students at that 
client Institution had the large bull fitted up for a very uu- 
rmis gathering of their friends, where, with a model telegraph 

I other exercises, four hours were very happily spent. 

Henry Bates, ex->iate Treasurer, was arrested Saturday, 
two warranto Issued by the Court of Sessions of Sacramento 
inty, charging him with felony. Judge Terry ordered Bates to 
B bail in the sum of .Sh'.M V to appear before him on Moudav 
wilvr- o'clock to show cause whv he should not give the rc- 

redbeud of $4,0,0 0. The clipper ship Andrew Jackson. 

jt. Williams, arrived lure, hundred and two duvs from 

w York, making the most rapid run this season. The boll- 

if Ihe Bav State Mill at Sacramento, exploded on Saturdav 
niiif, causing a loss of £30,000. '1 he back portion of the largo 
ir mill was shattered into ten thousand pieces. The bollerwaa 
ttcreii all round in places from fifty to one hundred and fifty 
t distant from where it oriuinallv stood. The machlnerv was 
own in every direction, and four houses in the neighborhood 
re as perfect wrecks as if they had been shaken bv an earth- 
ikc. fhg boiler of the mill exploded while everything was in 
, operation. ' me large piece struck the house uf George Bol- 
who at the time was standing at the door, holding an infant 
Usarms, and within two feet qfhJm bis wile was seated, Mr. H. 
cived n Idow on his head which will unquestionably cause his 
th. but his wife and child received no injury. Another piece 
on un empty house: and a large piece, about three feet square, 
on the house of l- rank Moure, distant some one hundred and 
v feet from the mill, crashing through the roof, and a voting 
y who was sitting in one of the rooms, wonderfully escaped 
traction, i olts, bars of iron ami bricks were thrown a jircat 

lance. Drs. J augdonand Kyer, residents of Stock ten.went 

on 'Ihursdav morning for the purpose of lighting a duel. They 
icted the banks of the Slough, a short di tance below the town. 
■ affair soon became known, and several boats, filled with men, 
teiied alter the hellijuTcnt parties, and reached the ground la 
o to prevent the intended fight. 

£ Continued on third rage 



nnri n' E-iNdislied in 1836 -hieorpuratrd I 

t. At .il'. ii"|J,imt nt. Cn.iital £\, 59,7ti sterling. > Adr 

lli»ij ihRcfH London, 1. Muurpntc street: Alier- Alt. 

tlwii, t, King *t"eet; Edinburgh, l\ St Andrew Ami 

-|ia-i-: <!l;Ht"tt-. |h, St. Vincent tine. Kir* Ann 

lA!uiirini-'t<l n.-. trances are granted against lire. Aubu 

at the c irrent mies of premium. I He Depart- Bat.C 

nt— All the advantage* of a mutual association Rcloit, \\ Is. Ilai 

united with the security of n proprietary* coin- Bclvulerc, 111. Indiauapolis.IndProvldcnci , K.I. York. 1' 

nv. The i articipation Branch is conducted by BlnriampLuu.NJat-kson, Mich. Quincy. III. taken to ] 

e proprietors of the com pun v furauharneofton York. Janes-Wile, "U i*. Racine, \\ K mus |' Nica 

cent, on the premium*, without any other Fdonmmptmi. I llhahmiHzo-t.Mie. Readme. Pa. ship's arrival 

.net Ion whatever. In this wav the assured en- Boston, Maw. Kenosha, Wis. Hlchiwmd, i . have been m 

.•■v the profit without the liability uf the mutual Hnilahi. N. Y. Keiit.ui. O. Rochester. >."!. ptoamsh"' t», 

esting and instructive amusement f.. r Families: 

. Line, via Son Juan del Mir. iouching at This Museum having been recentlv preatlv im- 

II. Monzanillo. The new ami favorite Steamship proved and enliimed, and numcronsadtlltioiwhav- 

i ,ii- T> n , OK J ZA -¥. A \ - Gl ^" 1 ' k ' llll,, V '.."nimamier. im: he.-,i made, the proprietor i- now prepared to, i a I -will leave V* nslungton street wharl. with mde- exhibit to the miblie the 

I'd ht per- Cnmbridi: 

more than t 
without nn 

ftri!i In the 
ffotd dhjif:ni 
■pted. Ni> 

;ttle claims in both departments I 
:e home. J*' 1 ' 

ccof SlOOon a »» 

Dished, Including tr 

freight or passage, ap 
* -nts. S. YV. co 

of tickets is in 
re will have be 
responding to those uccuulc 

3 I -d^ Dunkirk, N. Y. New Y 

£■ li 3 < I Elidn. N. V. M;u« falls." Wankegnn, It'. -,j 

Iheld. N Y. fr 


press Co.'s Express notice. For the Steam- ir)l 
ers of March 5th. Our next Expresses for the 

A '■intic .States will be despatched Via. Pana- w , 

, per tlie Pacilie Mail Steamship Company's je, 

ved to exhibit him in his native elc- 
may be also seen the Mammoth I'lg, 
or at the State Fuir, 
sities of an 

roami i 

i-ainor fiOI^UEV AGE, un IliunKlny, iTitcTe<iiiij: nature, ainuni: whicli is liic line col- 
uri'li M, nt 11 o'clock, M. Treasure > up- |,. L ii „ „,' ixuulffii] lillUJS, formerly owned ue 

1 _" tlvria, U. 

2 7* 2 93 41 4 18 I 4 

2 78 2 98 45 I 4 

.. I .. 3 01 ,c I . 

3 1U 

> li 



< 0- I eels and Letters recc 
the time of sailing. 

:n every day and evening, Sundays ex- 

x.. n. ixu*u*i -»n i ">- Admission 25 cents during the day time; JOcts. 

during the evening. 

h ASSETTE HOUSE. Reduction 

*. of PttlCBa at the Kassette House, corner of rw> JIK FIRST VESSEL FOR THE 

iJUflh and Sansome streets, sau I nmewo. prices J__ >- cw _ Roule.-TEHCAN'lEPEt'. Tlie fast 

] ( 1'iiiiiiaiHler. will It dispatch'-d mi m* I. 

Agents for Calife-raif 
Comer Of California and Lattery streets, S. Fr 

proinntlv and confldcntiallv attended .0. 
McCOMBE .t CO., 
With Freeman ife Co.s Atlantic Express, 121 
Montgomery street. 

IT press Notice. For the steamers of March 
5th. (y 1 * our next regular Fxpres 
Atlantic states and Europe, will be uco 
via l'ASA.MA, per I'acitic Mail s. S. Co.' 
er, <;oLOE.V AGE, J. T.Watkins. C0111- 
nursdav, March 5. at 1J o'clock, M., 
in cnarge 01 special messengers. Treasure ship- 
ped at reduced rates, and insured under our own 
policies held with the best English ' omp"- : 

We arc glad to find that our frequent ci 
dation of the Bassette House as a Family 
is fully corroborated by the California f 
which justly says:— This Pioneer Hotel is ' 
of all commendation, and we rejoice to s< 
Joseph Rassettc is receiving the public pair 
he so richlv deserves. The Rassette is one 

t ,,x ir ri# ,, KTi. y yi' l i r : 


-* X. V. Oince. b'l Wail street, New York 
Capital, 82IKI.UUU; Surplus, S~5,0U0. All of 
which is avadi 

inst loss by Fire effected upon 
stores, merchandise, dwellings and furniture. 

The undersigned has full power to settle losses 
here, and has been kindly permitted to le.'er to 
the following gentlemen: 

Messrs. L> L Ross &, Co.; W. G. Badger, 
Wain wright, Randall Sl Co.; Dr. L A, BirdsalL 
E. W. CROWEL, Agent, 
1-if 1(JU Merchant street. I 

KSCY. — The undersigned effect Ineur- 
.. 'or the Livkhi'Ool and London Fire 
INSURANCE COMI'A.NY, upon Buildings, Stocks, 
and Furniture- and for the Okiknt, and Mkk- 
CANTILE- Insurance Companies, upon Vessels, 
Cargoes and Freights. 

1-tf 106 Montgomery street 


*™COMPaKT, of London. Office of San Fran- 
cisco Agency. 126 California street. Capital 
and Surplus Fund, ©2.9OU.UO0; Special Fund, 



Line to l'auama, connecting, via Ranama 
Railroad with the Steamers of tke U.S. Mall S. S. 
Co., at Aspinwall, for New York and New Orleans. 
The only »aie and reliable Route. l)e 
parture from Vallejo street whan'. The iiiaguin- 
cent Steamship GOLU£.\ AGE, J. T. 1 
Watklns. C<'inmander. will leave Vallejo street I 

ic Easscttc is indr-v J a great 
t your friend in a 
ud the parlors of the Rass "' 
indeed, some of the most aj; 
by the numbi 


MiUii'ifi 1 \\ 'i JiliirJii ijHliiUww 1 


nd Salesroom, Nos. luO and 102 
luitgomcry street. Express Ituildings. Regular 
le day of Real Estate,— Wednesday. Regular 
lc day lor stocks, 'Thursday. 
11. A. COBB, Notary Public. 


+^r Feb. tit h, 1&57. Notice is hereby given that 
rom and after the 4th day of March next, tlie 

mm wm^imms m M . 


_ J SHU' herctofure existing between the un- 
dersigned, under the name ot PALMER, COOK 1 
ii CO. having been this ua,i ut»t 1.. i., uu pusuiir 

:ii tit led to all the assets uf sai 
p in fact, Edward Junes and C 
1 Francisco, Jan. zi, A.D.1B6T. 

at 12 o'clock, M-, .. 
sage, apple to FORBES .t BABCOCK. Age 
corner of Sacramento and Leidesdorll sts. 
tirst purchasers of Tickets in San Francisco 
entitled to the first choice of berths on arrival 

1 Notice, our next regular Expresses lor tlie 
tlie Atlantic states and Europe, v 111 be despatch- 
ed bv wav of PANAMA, Per Pacific Mail Steam- 
ship Co.'s Steamer, ««L1H:X AGE, J. T. 
Watklns, Commander, on 1 imrsday, aiaruh 5. at 
l'£ o'clock, .M., in charge of Special hicwii'ts. 

I present hanking 
i Kearnvand Wash 

EKV WAREIIOCSE, M^oiit-omery street. 


t London and > 
.Hid parcels rcct. 
the time of sailing. 

; San Francisco, 
1 kinds of Books, 
j book-binding 

! the beat si vk-s. 

Iiolcsale and retail dealer in 
ationery, Blank Books, .Vie. 
;id Lithographing executed 



.:., u.c .cquested to call 
frefcht and wharfage, 
. All goods remaining 1 

meet losses.) Directors in London : — Aldenua 
Sir John Musgrove, Bart., Chairman ; Aid. J. ; 
K. Hooper, Deputy Chairman. Tre .surers in ' 
New York :— John L. Aspinwall, W. Sherman, : 
Geonrc Curtis. 

Policies issued and losses promptly settled at 
this Agency.. 

. Brick and stone bu'ilflings, merchandise, ships 
in port, household furniture and personal prop- 
erty generallv, insured on favorable term*. ■ W. L. BtfOKER. Agent. 


^ of New York.— Capital and Surplus. S»'ob\- 

and will only be __ 

promptly paid. In order that parties wishing to 

use Gas at the above rates may have their premi 

es in readiness therefor, the" charge lor laying 
■ervico pi pes from the street mains, and for pine 

ng meters, will be reduced from this date. 

JOS. G. EASTLAND, Secretary. 


,. The A 1 Clipper Uaryim T1.1IES, 

' it CO., Conslgne 

the U. S. Mints, paid, chemical Analysis mi 
oi'Ores, Minerals and Compounds of every 1 

scriptimi. lli-hrst price paid tor Gold, Silv 
Platinum and Iridiim. 

rtz and Copper Mining A gene v. 

SloNER of Deeds for all the States, etc. 


ggg ai pH BtoMa 

suring detached frame buildings and their furni- 
ture, are now prepared to receive applications for 
the same. Brick Building, and Merchandise 
stored in them, or Merchandise stored afloat. In- 
sured against tire on the most moderate terms. 
Also, Life insurance, for a period of years, or the 
whole term of liie. 

1'ALK.NER, BELL & CO., Agents, 
1-tf 1^8 California Street. 

HARMS KOHLi:iCA<0. Deal* 

. ers in Lus Angeles NATIVE WINES, (their 
mi produce,) Itfi Merchant street, S. Francisco. 

.\n» or i.virv nixKir- u,* 

rl»X. I II hurt I' a in. 111 .11,1 IJJ nil 
in ft-lil *!...(. >4ii KfUKrb ««M 

i!ititi:i:tih\iiuui:i:t ',";; "' 

I. III. Mil ..i. .»-.!. ..l.l«li...l. I.. U.I11. '..:.'., 

■(•t. -Mm "i i.ti.iu A«Uii 
M> All. in. Mill. » i, .m.. 


itti.i> "Ui:vm:s .11.11 


inti'fii since last 
n loaned tor i 
majority of in 


ir beinj.' taken i 
i bo received tot 
11 to take place. 
te 7 ^ cent. J{« 

v Sun Fraucisci 



li 1* 


< Wh)r!f » r t ¥ i nWn t ric k n r ! F 

>• Scrip, according to ctia- 



^ Mr. Thompson, the Carson Vallev Expressman, 

^ left riatVrville on Wednosdav, February lath, on 

e sale by Wainright it Itumlnll, of 
owu^vu the zoth nit, gives ns the follotlowing 
prices: Shares of Cal. Steam Navigation Co. 
stock— Li shares sold nt llllc : 5 shares do. 3fiJ 7 
(5 40c— 5S52 (a. 36c. American lEussian Co stock, 
;ii) shares at 5L cents; tiO Clay st. Wharf, 52* cts; 
27 I'acilic Wharf. . r )J* cts. ; Slate Uonds, 2500, 52; 
1 10 City do. t* et, 55 cents; 20 San i'ranclseo 
Gas 05." 

Wells, Fargo & Co. seem to be again partic- 
nlarlv fortunate. Three fellows stopped Mur- 
phy's stage, near San Andreas, with drawn pis 
tols, and demanded the driver to hand out the 
express boxes. With the aid of the one only pas- 
mger, the driver put the boxes of treasure on 
| the ground. The box of W. F. .t Co. was forced 
open, anil S28,000 in dust was found missing. 
" liout 5511(10 in small packagi-s of coin and dust, 
gothcr with all the letters and drafts, were 
i (..unit in the box. The re hr 

d weighing-fifty pounds, i 

einc nan Francisco Seict 

etofore performed the journey I "ncuitncroni... 

en his protection and guidance : old, confessed th 

is; but in order to keep pace' 
ants of the peonle of the V 

Esq, who was lined SO" by 
lborrag King, the reputed fcc 

atlng their breakfast; her 

Hie of the robbers, a boy a. 
Id, confessed the whole all 
eyed i_ 



of t lie in 
s, about 
iere the 
d about 
ce the> 
■e fount 


lr. Thev 
Hill Jail. W., F. & 
i $30,000 and §40,000. 
between S400i and 

mmmms^maasm I